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  • How to cosplay Spider-Man in Avengers 3?

    Cosplay is now becoming a popular activity in a cosmic exhibition, a celebration of a special holiday or a special event. People cosplay a character in a film, a TV series or a comic story for fun, as well as for showing their love and admiration of the character.

    Spider-Man is a well - known superhero, loved by men, women, and children. If you hope that your cosplay will be popular by everyone, cosplay of Spider-Man is worth considering.

    Peter Parker, Spider-Man, is a superhero of the American Marvel Comics. Because of its popularity, a few months later, he began to have a comic book with its own character. Spider-Man, full name Peter Benjamin Parker, is an ordinary student in the United States and became a journalist for the Clarion Daily after graduation. Because of an accidental bite by a radiation-infected spider, he gained the same superpower, superhuman endurance, reaction, agility, and speed as a spider, and he invented the spider web launcher, from which the Spider-Man guarded New York.

    Peter Parker used his genius mind to equip himself with weapons: the spider silk launcher with high - temperature resistance and excellent toughness - not only as an offensive weapon but also attaching to most objects. Parker in red tights also has vision and hearing beyond ordinary people, can predict danger, and has stronger muscles, at least 15 tons of power. Like a spider, he can climb on a variety of objects, the invented spider web launcher can launch spider silk, and also has a "spider induction" to avoid enemy attacks.


    When you have made the decision to cosplay Spider-Man, then there is something that you should pay your attention to. Such as the personality characteristics of Spider-Man and the characteristics of the Spider-Man cosplay costume.

    Spider-Man's cosplay costume is mainly red and blue. The upper part of the jumpsuit has a big blue spider pattern, and the spider's feet extend to the shoulders and arms. The textures of the lower half of the jumpsuit are symmetrical.

    The Spider-Man cosplay costume just includes a jumpsuit, a mask and wristbands. So you just need to wear your costume, then the mask, and the wristbands. It sounds not difficult at all, but when you wear the cosplay costume, you may find it not so easy.

    Spider-man's cosplay costume isn't complicated to wear and it's easy to figure out how to wear it, but because it's a jumpsuit, and when you wear the mask, your nose and your mouth are not exposed ouside, it's important to pay attention to the comfort and the breathability of the materials used to make the costume.

    About buying the Spider-Man cosplay costume, shopping online may be a not bad choice, for it will help you save money and time. HQCOSPLAY - an online cosplay costume store, may meet all your requirements. Here offers you cosplay costumes of high quality at great prices. And the perfect cosplay costume of Spider-Man is also available here.

  • How to make a perfect cosplay of Winter Soldier in the Avengers?

    Cosplay of Winter Soldier is always a great idea.

    Winter Soldier is a superhero of the American Marvel Comics. It debuted in Captain America (March 1941) and appeared as the Winter Soldier for the first time in Captain America. Phase 1 (January 2005), created by Joe Simon and Jack Kobe. The real name is James Buchanan Barnes, the most intimate comrade of Captain America in World War II, and the most solid backing.

    He died in the action of the end of World War II and was resurrected by the secret department of the Soviet Union, X Department. After brainwashing, he became the perfect killer "Winter Soldier" of the Soviet Cold War. Later, he resumed his memory in multiple contests with the Avengers and was invited by the Captain America to join the Avengers.

    After receiving training from Captain America, Bucky Barnes became a master of Hand-to-hand combat, a martial arts expert, and skilled in using various guns and grenades and occasionally flying knives. He used to be a talented boy scout.

    If you are planning to cosplay a character of movies or TV series or a comic story to take part in a comic event or celebrate a special day, and you don't know exactly who you should cosplay, then you can consider about cosplay of Winter Soldier. Nowadays, cosplay is becoming more and more popular, and more and more people like to express their love and admiration for a character through cosplay of this character. With the screening of the Avengers series, more and more people have known Winter Soldier, and Winter Soldier has won more and more fans with his personality and extraordinary skills. Therefore, cosplay of the Winter Soldier won't be a wrong choice.

    It won't be a hassle for Winter Soldier's cosplay, which is relatively simple compared to the cosplay of many other characters. When cosplay Winter Soldier, you only need to prepare a coat, a top(includes the arm), pants, a cape, gloves, wrister, shoes, and a leg bag. All you need to do is put on your jacket and pants as you normally would, then put on your coat and cape, gloves, and the wrister. Put on your shoes after you put on your leg bag, but if one side of your leg bag is detachable, you can ignore this order.

    Buying a cosplay costume is also an important step. You can go to a store and pick up your cosplay costume if there is one such cosplay costume store on your local street. In this way, you can buy a Winter Soldier cosplay costume without worrying about its quality. Of course, online shopping is also a good choice, but in order to be able to buy a cosplay costume that satisfies you, you must carefully observe whether the clothing store is reliable. HQCOSPLAY may be the store that can offer what you want.

  • How to cosplay Scarlet Witch?

    Scarlet Witch is a superhero of the American Marvel Comics, whose name is Wanda Django Maximoff. Her original story is numerous, and the latest story in her comics was when she was kidnapped by the High Evolutionary as a subject with her twin brother, Quicksilver, and gained the Chaotic Magic (creating and quenching matter) and the ability to modify the probability. Later, the two were deceived and heard that they were the children of Magneto. The mother abandoned them and the lady who gave birth gave them to the Gypsies. She and her younger brother joined the brotherhood of the mutants led by Magneto. After learning the truth and rectifying the situation, she joined the Avengers. And met the Vision, also a member of the Avengers, and the two fell in love and became a couple.

    In the Marvel Movie Universe, she was adopted to be a twin sister of Quicksilver (12 minutes later than the Quicksilver). She joined the Avengers after defeating Ultron because she was involved in the secret test of the Hydra with her brother and was given superpower by the jewels on the Rocky Scepter.


    Everyone has their favorite superhero, and Marvel also offers a variety of superheroes for everyone. Although everyone has a different opinion about Scarlet Witch, in recent years, Scarlet Witch has a large number of fans. This role has attracted the attention of many people, both children and adults. If you want to attend a comic conference or you just want to cosplay someone, cosplay of Scarlet Witch must be a great choice. It will help you to attract others’ eyes.

    Scarlet Witch cosplay costume is not complicated, and it includes a top, a dress, stockings, and wristbands. Scarlet Witch cosplay clothing is easy to wear. First, after you put on your dress, put on your red leather jacket, then put on your wristbands and your stockings, and finally put on a pair of suitable shoes, it is almost finished. If you want to look more like Scarlet Witch in the Avengers, you can also spend your thoughts on your hair and make your hair the same as her.

    Buying a suitable cosplay costume is also a very important process, but buying a perfect Scarlet Witch cosplay costume is not a very difficult task. You can go to the local cosplay costume store to find Scarlet Witch's cosplay costume. The advantage of going to buy at a physical store is that after you find this item, you can directly see whether it is of good quality. You can also try it on in the costume store to see if the costume is really fit you well.

    If you don't have enough time to pick up your cosplay costume at a store on the street, you can go to the online store to find it. Online shopping can help you save some time to choose your cosplay costume because there are many online stores selling this cosplay costume, you just have to search and then a lot of choices will appear for you. HQCOSPLAY is a highly recommended cosplay costume online store, if you try to know something about it, you’ll find it trustworthy.

  • How to get a perfect Quicksilver cosplay costume?

    Quicksilver is a superhero of the American Marvel Comics, whose real name is Pietro Django Maximoff. His original story series is numerous. The latest story in the comic book was when he was a kid, he and his twin sister, the Scarlet Witch, was kidnapped by the High Evolutionary as an experimental object, thus gaining the ability to move at high speed. Later, the two were deceived and heard that they were the children of Magneto. The mother abandoned them and the lady who gave birth gave them to the Gypsies. He and his sister joined the variant fraternity led by Magneto. After learning the truth and rectifying the situation, he joined the Avengers.

    Quicksilver is a hero beloved by many comic fans and movie fans. For many people, he has a good image. So cosplay of Quicksilver is a great choice, but it also makes you pay more attention to his hero image and his cool cosplay costume.

    The main ability of Quicksilver is high-speed movement. He can easily reach speeds of 700,000 km/h and he can easily run on the water or vertical walls. His physical strength is far superior to that of ordinary people. The bones can withstand the impact of ordinary people smashing, and the heels are harder than steel. Quicksilver can also fly short distances by shaking his arms or legs. He can also use the speed to create cyclones to avoid attacks from weapons such as guns and laser fires. Quicksilver can also turn himself into a high-speed particle vibration state to penetrate objects.


    If you are going to attend some events that relate to cosplay in the near future, or are ready to celebrate a special holiday, then you can try the cosplay of Quicksilver, which will definitely make you different from others. Before you cosplay, you need to learn some things about cosplay and Quicksilver.

    If you have participated in many cosplay events or have had several cosplay experiences before, you should already know some information about cosplay. However, if you are new to cosplay or have rarely touched cosplay before, then on this cosplay, you need to spend more time and pay more attention.

    Anyway, you need to buy a suitable cosplay costume first. If you prefer a high-quality cosplay costume and want that you can save some time and money when you buy it, then you can shop online. If you are careful enough and know enough information before buying, then you can also buy a cosplay costume that you are satisfied with though online shopping doesn’t allow you to check quality directly. After comparing, you can find that HQCOSPLAY is a reliable online cosplay costume store.

    Quicksilver cosplay costume is easy to wear. Unlike other cosplay costumes, it has few other parts and doesn't need to wear a lot when wearing it. Quicksilver cosplay costume only includes a top, pants, and gloves. Therefore, for cosplay of Quicksilver, what you only need to do is to buy the right cosplay costume. However, you can also prepare your hairstyle like Quicksilver.

  • How To Cosplay Star Lord Shining In Comic Con Season?

    Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is a film in which we witness Peter Quill again as Star Lord. The movie is the sequel to the 2014 film named Guardians Of The Galaxy which revolves around the famous Guardians team who are ready for yet another action and adventure, as they aim to find the true ancestor of their leader, Star Lord. He has a brilliant mind and is known to be a master of creating strategies. In addition to this, he also possesses vast information regarding aliens and their cultures. Star Lord is ready to attract the masses with his costume and mind-blowing performances.
    The costume that he wears allows him to travel through space and grants him enormous strength. Let’s have a look at his costume that has amused the viewers from all around the globe.
    To get the Star Lord to look from Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, you need to have the following items:
    Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Star Lord Cosplay Costume - Deluxe Version
    Star Lord Jacket:
    This Star Lord jacket looks very attractive due to its burgundy color, and the dotted embossing on the front. It also features a strap design around the arms, cuffs and near the wast, making Star Lord look more handsome. The fish scale design on the mid arms just looks like the real Star Lord costume. Adding design of flying-suit pattern around the shoulders, this jacket looks cooler and just like the origin Star Lord costume in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.
    Star Lord Shirt:
    Peter Quill (known as Star Lord) wears a t-shirt underneath his jacket which gives him a more casual appearance than most superheroes. This Guardians of the Galaxy costume long sleeve shirt features the same alien writing that appears on Star Lord's shirt in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. When translated from the alien writings, the larger letters read GEARS, SHIFT. The small letters underneath read A Teneyck Galaxy Invention which was named after the graphic designer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Karen Teneyck.
    Star Lord Pants:
    It’s color in dark brown, perfect matching with the burgundy jacket. The pleats design on the upper leg makes the pants have two-layer looking. Underneath the pleats, the pants forms even fitted shape, going for pencil trousers style. This design will make you look tall and slender when you cosplay as Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.
    Star Lord Belt:
    The belt has the same color as pants’, with a square metal plate on the front. It lights up the Star Lord cosplay costume which is the dark color for the whole thing.
    Star Lord Boots:
    Star Lord wears long shin-length boots with ankle rockets. The boots come in two pieces: boots and boot covers. You can use the boot covers which added with belts closure, to layer on top of any other boots.
    You can find probably the best film costume of Star Lord cosplay costume in Quality Cosplay which makes the costume to fit your size.

  • How to make your cosplay of Nebula similar to that in Avengers 4?

    If you are planning to go to a comic show with your good friends in the near future and want to have a cosplay, then you can consider the cosplay of Nebula. Many of the characters in Marvel's movies have their own personality traits and skills. Each viewer has their own favorite heroes, and Nebula has many fans. If you cosplay Nebula, you will be attractive enough.

    Nebula is the anti-hero of American Marvel Comics. It debuted in Avengers 257 (July 1985), a Star Trek and Mercenary, her life and previous experience was little known by others, she helped the Guardians of the Galaxy fight against the Thanos.

    The Nebula has extraordinary power and can lift 800 pounds (363 kilograms) to 25 tons of heavy objects. Her muscle tissue is far stronger than humans, giving her a far superiority to ordinary people. She is also proficient in military strategy, space warfare, leadership, astronomy, and navigation. She is also a skilled warrior and is proficient in a variety of fighting techniques. Although the legendary nebula is the adoptive daughter of the Thanos, the Nebula not only designed to take away the infinite gloves of the Thanos but also trapped the Thanos.


    If you have made the decision to cosplay Nebula, you must know enough about her cosplay costumes to help you make a cosplay of Nebula perfect. Nebula cosplay's costumes include a top, a vest, pants, belts, wristbands, a holster, shoes, an arm. There are not many parts of the costume and it is not very complex.

    The way to wear Nebula's cosplay costume is too difficult. First of all, you need to put on basic clothing and then put on other things. You can find some pictures of Nebula and wear the holster and other parts according to the pictures. You can find a toy pistol as your weapon to make yourself look more like Nebula in the film the Avengers.

    Only when you have the right cosplay outfit can you cosplay Nebula well. If you have enough spare time, you can go to the local clothing store to see if you can find the right and perfect Nebula cosplay costumes with your friends. But buying it at a local store may be a bit difficult. The cosplay costumes sold at local stores may be incomplete, and perhaps not every store has Nebula's cosplay costumes, and you may find it difficult to find the perfect one you want. If you find Nebula's cosplay costumes, there may not be one in your size. And cosplay costumes sold in local stores may be a bit expensive.

    Consider buying cosplay costumes online. Many online stores sell cosplay costumes, and you can find what you want in almost every online cosplay costumes store. But you can't see the quality of the clothes before you buying. Therefore, you should buy from reliable stores. From the customer's evaluation, we can see that HQCOSPLAY is reliable. You can surf freely here if you need it. You'll find the perfect Nebula cosplay costume here.

  • Ideas about cosplay of Thanos and how to get a right cosplay costume

    Ideas about cosplay of Thanos and how to get the right cosplay costume.
    As the Marvel movies became more and more popular, the various superheroes or villains in the movie also had more fans. Today, many fans like to express their love and admiration for their idols through cosplay. If you are planning to go to a comic show or another cosplay-related event soon, you might want to consider Thanos' cosplay costume.

    Thanos, the supervillain of the American Marvel Comics, debuted in Iron Man 55 (January 1973). He is an eternal family born in the Titans and is extremely powerful. This gives him strength, endurance, resilience, and agility that he cannot surpass. His skin is almost indestructible, especially when fighting cold, heat, electricity, radiation, poison, aging and disease. Before he becomes cursed by the Goddess of Death, he can survive without eating anything.

    Purple rind with a giant vertical chin and a strong body, Thanos usually wears blue and gold dress with golden shoulders and gold short boots, while wearing a blue and gold helmet with gems on the forehead (Animated Avenger there are no gems on the Thanos helmets, such as the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the comics "Avengers" and "Thanos Reigns Supreme in THANOS: THE FINAL THREAT". The smashing of the comics "Rise of the Hegemony" is blue. Short boots with gold rims).


    Before cosplay, you must have a certain understanding of Thanos cosplay costume. His cosplay costume is mainly made of leather.

    Thanos' jumpsuit is long-sleeved. The shoulders and cuffs of the jumpsuit are gold and the middle parts of the sleeves are blue. The leather material makes the jumpsuit a three-dimensional look. Thanos' vest is mainly made of gold and blue. The pattern on the vest is symmetrical. You should put on the vest after putting on the jumpsuit.

    Thanos' shoulder armor, leg protectors, shoes and armguards are also golden, and you should wear these parts after you put on the jumpsuit. You should just according to the guidelines of the order to wear this cosplay costume.

    Thanos' helmet is also gold and blue. Put on your helmet and your eyes, nose, and mouth will be exposed. The helmet will only cover your cheeks. Therefore, you don't have to worry about that wearing this helmet will make you feel too hot and uncomfortable.

    For this cosplay, buying a perfect Thanos cosplay costume is also an important step. You can go to a local cosplay costume store to buy, but if you want to save some time and money, you can choose online shopping. You can't directly see the quality of your cosplay costume when you buy it online, so be sure to choose the reliable store you are buying before your purchasing. Otherwise, you will probably buy an unsatisfactory cosplay costume, which will affect your cosplay experience.

    HQCOSPLAY offers high-quality and affordable cosplay costumes, and also offers excellent customer service. If you buy here, the staff will always be prepared to help you before and after your purchase.

  • How to get a perfect Captain America cosplay costume?

    If you're planning on going to a comic exhibition with your best friend in the near future and want to have a cosplay, then you can consider the cosplay of Captain America. Many of the characters in Marvel movies have their own personalities and skills. Everyone in the audience has their favorite hero. Captain America is famous and has many fans. If you cosplay Captain America, you must be attractive enough to catch others' eyes in the comic exhibition.

    Captain America is a superhero of the American Marvel Comics and is regarded as a symbol of the American spirit. The real name is Steve Rogers, born in Brooklyn, New York, on July 4, 1918. He was originally a physically weak young man. After receiving the transformation of the US government, he became a physically superior person. The "Super Warrior" was also given a shield made by vibranium, one of the world's toughest metals, and led the invaders in World War II.

    Captain America's strength, senses, responsiveness, and other physical functions have reached the potential limitations that humans can achieve, and have extraordinary leadership skills; super martial arts fighting skills, although the Captain America will be injured by the firearms, the physique different from ordinary people will make the bullets that are fatal to ordinary people will not cause fatal injuries. Although he will bleed, the impact on Captain America's actions is not that big, just like we fall and rub the skin. He has the ability to heal beyond the ordinary and don't feel tired.


    Before you start your cosplay of Captain America, you must find an efficient way to learn things about Captain America cosplay costume. At first, you'd better buy a perfect cosplay costume.

    About the cosplay costume, you can buy it at a local store or buy it online. Buying at a local store will take more your time and money compared to buying online. However, buying at a local store, you can see the quality of the cosplay costume you want to buy and you can try it on before buying. In this way, you can buy a high-quality cosplay costume of Captain America directly. If you buying online, you can't know whether the cosplay costume is good or not. Therefore, you'd better you should be careful before you buy your costume. You need to choose a reliable online store to buy.HQCOSPLAY will offer all that you need.

    Captain America's cosplay costumes are easy to buy online, and the cosplay costumes sold at HQCOSPLAY are complete. But to the shield he holds, you need to prepare it yourself, which won't be difficult. You just need to find the right materials at your home and then cut the shape the same to the shield. Finally, you dyed it with the same colors and patterns with it in the movie.

    If you are careful enough to the cosplay of Captain America, you will have a good cosplay experience.

  • How to cosplay Hawkeye Ronin of the Avengers 4 perfect?

    If you are going to attend a comics conference, you have to do is to think about which character you like best and whether it is a good choice to cosplay him/her at first. There are many popular characters with interesting or famous stories, but if you want your cosplay can be attractive enough to make your cosplay unique, and not too difficult, you can consider a personal cosplay costume.

    After the releasing of the Avengers film series, and if you see the films, I know many of you are familiar with the Hawkeye.

    Hawkeye is the superhero of the American Marvel comics. The real name is Clinton Francis Barton, the nickname Clint, who was renamed Goliath and Ronin. He is an orphan who grew up in the circus. He studied under Swordsman and Trick Shot, and he was very talented. He won the title of "Hawkeye" and "Best Sniper in the World" when he was a child. After seeing Iron Man save people in a performance, he decided to use his ability to become a superhero and join the Avengers to become an important member.


    When you have decided to cosplay Hawkeye, then you must know enough about his cosplay costume, after which you can make the cosplay of Hawkeye more perfect. Hawkeye cosplay costume includes a headgear, a vest, wristbands, knee pads, gloves, a long vest, a lining, pants, belts, straps, long knives, daggers, and shoes.

    You can put the basic costume on at first and then put on the best parts of it. The Hawkeye's hat is so big that it has an air of mystery on it. He was also wearing a mask that showed only his eyes. You need to wear wristbands, kneepads, gloves, belt, straps, knife, and dagger so that cosplay of his is complete.

    Hawkeye's cosplay costume is cool, and the black cosplay costume is decorated with golden edges. Having the same golden edges on the wristbands and kneepads makes the Hawkeye cosplay costume look better.

    After putting on your costume and its other parts, don't forget to put Hawkeye's long knife on the back. This long knife is a sign of Hawkeye. Only when you wear it, will you look more like Hawkeye.

    In addition to knowing how to wear this cosplay costume, buying a perfect Hawkeye cosplay costume is also an important process.

    When talking to how and where to get the Hawkeye cosplay costume which is high-quality and affordable, you can buy it online, which will also help you to save some of your money and time. HQCOSPLAY is an online cosplay costume store, it's reliable and it offers many complete cosplay costumes in high-quality and at a reasonable price. If you need it, you can surf here and find the cosplay costume you want here easily. Of course, if you want to buy it at a local store, it's also available. It will just take more your time and money.

  • Tips On How To Level Up Your NieR: Automata 2B Cosplay

    NieR Automata is a role-playing action game that Square Enix published in 2017. The players will be taking control of combat androids from the YoRHa units to fight enemies in real-time and in different game environments in the game. In this game, there are three protagonists, YoRHa No. 9 Type S, YoRHa Type A No. 2 and YoRHa No. 2 Type B. While the game has been getting great reviews, a lot of people have fallen in love with protagonist YoRHa No. 2 Type B, or ”2B”. She’s a female android that has a thing for Gothic Lolita fashion and blindfold.
    NieR Automata is so popular these days and cosplay as characters in this game also become so hot, like 2B cosplay. Here we have provided the version of NieR: Automata 2B cosplay costume for you.


    Usually, the 2B cosplay costume is available in black, which is the character’s original color scheme. The whole set of 2B cosplay costume uses black velvet fabric. 2B’s black turtleneck dress has the hole design near the chest area and also at the back, both of them covered by beautiful paper-cuts pieces, which make you look even sexier. It is edged with white embroidery, somehow adding a sense of elegant. The dress has a high stand collar, with an invisible zipper closure at the back. The cuffs are decorated with black feathers, looking very unique.
    The leather gloves can protect 2B when she holds her various weapons and also a complement of 2B costume. The gloves are designed in Gothic Lolita fashion with two colors, the upper part is white and the palm part is black. They match the 2B cosplay dress very well. Notice that the invisible zipper closure will make them easy to dress and have no harm to the beauty of the gloves.
    It also comes with knee-length black heeled boots. They use comfortable material and have trendy style, with an invisible zipper closure up the whole length at the back, where decorated with cross straps. The best part is that this all-black boots can be used for not just 2B cosplay costume, but also various events.
    The black mesh leggings are needed to combine with the boots that will make you look sexy and more professional in NieR 2B cosplay costume. What’s more, the mesh leggings are made of soft handle fabric, so that they can be comfortable to wear and used in all kinds of activities, even in daily life.
    Headwear & Eyemask:
    These accessories play a big part in the 2B cosplay costume. They match perfectly with the sexy dress and complete the perfect NieR 2B cosplay costume. They also will complement any outfit you wear.
    You can find the original NieR 2B cosplay costume on hqcosplay.com. We do provide a high-quality NieR 2B cosplay costume with very fast shipping and a nice price.

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