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  • X-Men Cyclops Cosplay Costumes

    Cyclops is sane and steady, firm and gentle, with a long-term vision and an outstanding leader. In the movie X-Men, he is single-minded about his lover. He advocates friendly relations with human beings, as well as actions to safeguard fairness and justice and humanity.
    The costume is super, I'm insanely happy and I strongly advise, the material and sewing at the height, perfectly approached! Package include Belt, Helmet Shoulder Strap Equipment, Knee Pads*2, Leggings*2, Wrist Guards*2, Arm Guards*2, Gloves*2, Shoes*2, Tops, Pants. The real thing is like the picture, I am very happy to buy such a great cosplay costume, and the details are really perfect as shown in the picture, completely copied. You put on this costume that you feel decent when Halloween, many people will ask me who I am dressed up. I am also happy to answer their questions. I will answer that I am playing the Cyclops in the X-Men.I feel that this process is a very happy thing, and then I am very grateful to the seller's service, I will also make the next purchase.
    2. X-Men: Days Of Future Past Wolverine Cosplay Costumes
    Wolverine, the fate of the Wolverine in the movie is unfortunate, but this does not affect the audience's love for him, and has a flesh and blood. In the face of the helplessness of life, he still persevered and worked hard to live his own glory. In the face of enemies, he hates enmity and upholds fairness and justice. In the face of suffering and challenges, he is not afraid of hardships and perseverance. He is a real big hero.
    I looked at many different wolverine costumes for Halloween. It's hard for me finding the right size, and there has Medium size was just perfect ! Good quality of the material, although I saw the same costume at party city at the same price, so you are not saving money, it is just convenient to buy it through this shop. Also, for those who are unsure of the size, you may want to go test and try it on. I am happy with my buy, good luck !
    The product arrived just in time for Halloween and was exactly as I expected. It has padding in the chest for some muscles, make it look like muscles. It also stretches to fit without feeling tight or restrictive. The suit seems to be one size fits all, but the stretchy material fit me fine and was quite comfortable. I wore it for a 3 day festival, and it held up very well. I expect to get many more uses out of it. The suit is great, but it's affordable because the accessories are enough.All together, it's a great value, and there are few things more fun than acting silly while wearing a muscle suit! My costume was a huge hit and the babes loved it. I give it a thumbs up.
    It was for me, and although I like the the movie's version of the costumes better than the comic's, it was still pretty good. Of courseit was cheaper than other costumes.Breathable, comfortable. Best purchase for a decent price.

  • Resident Evil The Final Chapter Alice Cosplay Costume

    In Resident Evil, Alice is kind, calm, alert, and heroic. She is experienced and responsive in the face of fierce enemies. With her own strength, she finally save the human world through hardships and obstacles.
    I was very confused when I started this page, but I found my favorite Alice cosplay costume inside, and I didn't hesitate to place an order. Transportation is very fast, when I received the parcel of this cosplay costume, I was very much looking forward to it. Then the results of the try-on are satisfactory to me, very suitable for my body shape, some details are also handled very well, no extra lines. Like wrister,Boots and other accessories are very important for the whole character to play, if the lack of one is incomplete Alice.
    Overall, this shopping experience is very good, I feel the discovery of the New World, especially for the cosplayer, very enjoyable. There is also a costume that is perfect for all occasions, Halloween, Christmas and various event gatherings are good choices.

  • Ant-Man And The Wasp Ant Man Deluxe Cosplay Costumes

    The film Ant-man tells that Scott Lang has the power to become physically weak, must accept his identity and help his mentor, biochemist Hank Pim, to protect the ant suit he invented. Under the threat of the enemy, Pim and Lang must carefully plan and execute a terrible scam to save the world.
    Ant-Man And The Wasp Ant Man Deluxe Cosplay Costumes
    Like other superheroes, the story of the ant-man is also a favorite. Although it is also a hero to save the world, it also adds a lot of comedy elements, which are popular with people.
    It verifies just how enjoyable, interesting,and also excellent Marvel characters are.Ant Man Deluxe Cosplay Costumes has definitely got a massive follower adhering to in the recent couple of years.
    If you wear a Ant Man Deluxe Cosplay Costumes, it will certainly make you stand out of the line, picking Ant Man Deluxe Cosplay Costumes for your next cosplay would be a fantastic suggestion. You must be cool and charming at parties.
    And if you want to be a Ant-man, come and find out. Here's a detailed look at the various parts of this complete Ant Man Deluxe Cosplay Costumes in the following.
    Jumpsuit and vest:
    As the picture shows, the work of the jumpsuit is very detailed and the quality is very good. Moreover, wearing this jumpsuit, it needs a perfect fit, so it is flexible and can automatically adjust the tightness according to your body. Ant-man's jumpsuit is an important part of the whole suit. Without it, this dress is incomplete.
    The power of Ant-man's helmet is very powerful. Although this helmet is just plain, it can make your entire look look more complete. If you are a follower of Ant-man, then you must have this helmet, it is this role that allows the character to complete Ant-man.
    Boots are an indispensable part of Ant-man, which allows him to do his job better and is more unique. And the boots are comfortable, if you are not satisfied with this size, you can also choose a custom size.
    Other decorations are very important, such as belts, wristbands, etc. These are important parts of cosplay costumes. If any one is missing, it will not be a complete Ant-man.
    Everyone has a superhero in their hearts. Although the characteristics are different, the essence is the same. And this set of Ant-man cosplay costumes is really great, perfect copy of the features in the movie, if you like it too, then don't miss this purchase opportunity.
    So, get all these things before you take part in cosplay as Ant-Man.

  • Overwatch Hanzo Cosplay Costumes

    Hanzo is the output hero in the game Overwatch. As a master of archery and ninjutsu, Shimada Hanzo has been pursuing the ultimate perfection to prove that he is the most powerful warrior. He once said that honor is for life and death, and redemption is for honor.
    If you want to role-play as Hanzo in the game Overwatch, you have to have the following things, those that will make you stand out.
    In the game, Hanzo is a very strong character, full of strength. So this top and his bare shoulder and arm are the true restoration of the characters. This top is made from geniune quality raw material satin, giving you a refreshing cool touch and a stylish look. Not only is it a Hanzo cosplay costume, it can also be used in different activities because it looks great.
    The main feature of trousers is looseness and comfort, which is one of the reasons everyone loves it. Its material is also very good, look carefully at the cloud pattern above, meticulous and comfortable, looks beautiful. For those who love the cosplayer is a very good choice.
    Shoe Covers:
    With Shoe Covers, this Hanzo cosplay costume is half done. Therefore, in the process of design, after the comparison with the characters, the shoe cover is available. The size of the shoes is generally suitable, and will not be stomped to avoid injury.
    Gloves and Wrist Guards:
    Gloves and wristbands are worn on the left hand and have a higher degree of reduction for characters in the game. Therefore, gloves and wristbands are an essential part of the costumes. And if it is not the same size, you can also choose to customize to meet the needs of customers.
    Other decorations:
    Other decorations have Waistbands, Waist Bag, Quiver,Headscarves,these things are very important to the characters you play. Without these things, the process of dressing is a failure.
    In short, all these parts of Hanzo will make him more like a superhero. So before you role-play, you have to need these things.

  • Spider Man Parallel Cosmic Women cosplay costume

    Speaking of Spider-Man, many people may think of Peter Parker. People can't forget the horror experience of being bitten by a spider, eradicating evil, and being a superhero. However, Gwen Stacy, female spiderman, She is very clever and responsive, like a dancer-like figure, so she is also very popular. In the animated film Spider Man Parallel Cosmic, she also has a very good performance.
    If you want to be a Gwen Stacy, come and find out. Here's a detailed look at the various parts of this complete Spider Man Parallel Cosmic Women cosplay costume in the following.
    Female Spider-Man's jumpsuit is no stranger to Spider-Man's friends, but this jumpsuit is not special, and the jumpsuit and hat are made of white print Rome material, which is comfortable and soft. It is also flexible and has a good slimming effect, showing your charm. And not only is the color matching good, the black pants in the lower body are also handled very well, that is, to protect your safety, not too decorative. The zipper of the jumpsuit is mainly on the back, showing an invisible state. A lot of details are very similar to the female spiderman Gwen Stacy in the animated film. The perfect design, skillful craftsmanship, you have to have it.
    The headwear uses a special process: "3D digital printing eye mask latex mold opening". These are enough to see the perfect design and exquisite handwork, just like the details shown in the picture, the headgear is a mask, flexible, neither too tight nor too loose to leave enough room for you to breathe fresh air. . And after wearing this headwear, you won't feel too stuffy, it will be very breathable, just like you haven't brought it, so you can completely dress up the female spiderman.
    This set of female Spider-Man is very simple and convenient to dress up. It is a very good choice for those who want to be very fast, and our quality is guaranteed and will not deceive customers. As the picture describes, the details of the cospaly costume are really handled very well. If you are also a follower of Spider-Man, then you must not miss this set of Spider Man Parallel Cosmic Women cosplay costume, it will definitely give you Bringing countless compliments and gaze, you are the focus of Halloween costumes.
    In short, don't miss this Cosplay Costume of Female Spider-Man, or you will regret it.

  • Spider Homecoming Tom Holland Spider man cosplay costume

    Everyone has a superhero in their hearts. And HQCOSPLAY offers a variety of superhero cosplay costumes for everyone. Although your personal opinion may vary, but if you are also a super follower of Spider-Man, then you can choose such a set of Spiderman Homecoming Tom Holland spider man cosplay costume, will not let you down.
    Because it will definitely make you stand out in various gatherings, the focus of the audience is a great suggestion for your subsequent costume. If you want to be a Spider-Man, come and find out. Here's a detailed look at the various parts of this complete Spider Homecoming Tom Holland Spider man cosplay costume.
    Top and Pants
    The material of the top is mainly cotton. If the weather is cold during the role-play, then this costume is very suitable for you. And the color is light blue, giving a very fresh and fresh feeling. You don't have to worry about size, because you can also choose a custom size. The Pants are matched with the top and are the same color. The texture of the fabric is soft and comfortable, and the quality is very good.
    The hoodies are mainly red, bright and bright, and are sleeveless with tops. There is a very visible sign on the front of the dress: a large spider with two pockets for convenience and comfort. This gives the impression that this is a Spider-Man home service, but this does not affect the people's love for Spider-Man costume.
    The mask is a unique symbol of Spider-Man, and there are two main concerns: ventilation and vision. But our design will never be ignored. You won't feel sultry and breathless after wearing a mask, and you can also see the outside world, while enjoying the spiderman role-playing, it can be more perfect. Show Spider-Man's superhero image. The eyes are also designed with great features.
    Socks are an important decoration for Spider-Man. Without it, Spider-Man will be incomplete. There is also the elasticity of the socks is better, suitable for all sizes.
    Bracers and Goves:
    Bracers and gloves are the basic components of clothing, so Spider-Man wears red and black gloves for more grip, and the wrist protects him. These are all capable of guaranteeing that Spiderman is a complete superhero.
    In general, this set of Spider-Man dresses is also very recommended. Imagine that when you wear the Spiderman Homecoming Tom Holland spider man cosplay costume, you will be the focus of the audience, and will be praised a lot. These are all you deserve. So if you are also a super fan of Spider-Man, then you should not miss this Spider-Man dress. What are you waiting for? Come and buy, you are the next superhero Peter Parker, spider-man!

  • How to Choose PUBG Cosplay Costumes

    1. Deluxe Version
    I received this parcel with great excitement. I was a little excited and nervous when I opened it, then there was T-Shirt, Pants, Belt With Bag, Gloves, Arm Bandages, Necktie, Leg Guards, helmet and backpack. These things are all I have seen in the game PUBG, which really restores the image of the characters in the game. The focus is on helmet and backpack, which are important props in the game. Without them, this cosplay costume will be soulless. His look would be completely insufficient if you do not use that helmet and backpack.
    2. Cosplay Costume Coat Shirt Pants Scarf Gloves Set
    This cosplay costume looks very cool at first glance, especially for me, a big fan ofPUBG, it is a great welfare. I really like the decoration on the coat, the details are done very well, giving the impression that it is the same as the PUBG in the game. There is also a T-shirt, which is very fit for me. The texture of the cloth and the white shirt is the same, and I also like this color black. Plus the leg binding is more perfect, if not, the character's play is incomplete. I can't wait to put on this costume at Halloween party. And I'mready to purchase other outfits next time.
    3. Gym Suits Sports Wear
    The whole set is sportswear, the color is mainly black and white, the raw material is made of pure cotton, the top is jacket, and there is a pair of pants. The fabric is comfortable and soft, so you don't have to worry about being too thick. The feeling of wearing is very comfortable and suitable for all occasions. For example, once through a Halloween party, you can continue to use, running, home clothes and so on. The quality of the clothes is also very good, the stitching of the needles is hidden, and there are not many lines. There is also a strong sense of substitution with the characters in the PUBG in the game. In short, I really like this set of clothing, and this store has many other PUBG products.

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