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  • Dress Like Star Wars Luke Skywalker Black Suit Cosplay Costume

    Presently, many individuals are much interested in the cosplay costumes from the Star Wars the last Jedi which is definitely the very best Luke skywalker costume for every person. The searing, as well as likewise incredibly hot similarity of this attire, is actually far from the Luke warm. It is a favorite thing to help many people find the last Jedi Luke skywalker cosplay costume which is absolutely suitable for all the intergalactic demands of the purchasers.

    This Luke Skywalker Costume uses a dark gray top with dark pants and a leather black overall. It creates an imposing presence and looks like a cool Luke Skywalker. Accompanied with brown boots, a brown belt to cinch your waist and a brown glove to cover your fake hand, this costume is right out of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi.


    Black Cloak:

    The black leather overall or cloak is adjustable as it comes with two black buckles on your shoulder. Look this wizened warrior in his dark, powerful and imposing costume. Its stand collar and slating front add a sense of mystery and when you put on this cloak, you will feel something powerful against the dark while cosplaying as Star Wars the Last Jedi Luke Skywalker.

    Brown Coat:

    Under your black leather cloak, you get a brown leather coat that hides your lightsaber and goes with your glove and boots. The dramatic front of the coat is really an eye-catching design but also cool. Because of coat, he looks more charming and handsome, the same as you dressing on Star Wars 9 Luke Skywalker black suit cosplay costume.

    Gray Sweater:

    Under the coat is a knitted gray sweater and the style of the collar is the hooded neckline. It is designed as a side opening but looks warm as it is long enough to cover the hip. A brown leather belt is needed and too simple to have any decoration though.

    Black Pants:

    Forming fitted black pants use cotton fabric and have no special design, so you can use them not just for Luke cosplay but in various events or co-ordinate other characters cosplay costumes.

    Black Glove:

    Luke is also wearing a black glove over his mechanical hand again, after it was completely exposed (with no artificial skin, even) in Star Wars 7, making Star Wars reader Ian Hamilton created a mock-up of Luke's costume.

    Brown Boots:

    The boots come with brown leg strapping to look like the leg-wear of a wanderer. The upper and toe parts are made of brown PU leather but the ankle part is stitched of gray knitted. A zipper up the entire length of the boots at the back. Dressing on the boots will make you at the top of fashion.

    Currently, you recognize just how to pull together the Last Jedi Luke Skywalker Black Suit and welcome to hqcosplay.com, getting more information and knowing more about Star Wars cosplay costumes.

  • How to make your cosplay of Rey more similar to the image in the film Star Wars?

    After seeing the films, Star Wars, many people became a fan of Rey and when they are planning to take part in activity relates to cosplay, such as a comic convention, cosplay of Rey will be the first choice. If you also have such a plan, at first you should know Rey and her costume well, the costume of Rey in The Last Jedi is more than one set, so you need to know which one is your favorite costume, which can help you to get a better effect on the cosplay.

    Rey is one of the protagonists of the famous Star Wars movie series. She is a powerful sensitive person and user of the Force and a resistance member who has made outstanding contributions to the defeat of the First Order.

    Rey, a scavenger who lived on the desert planet Jakku, was abandoned by his family from an early age and lives by picking up and recycling discarded mechanical parts and materials in the harsh desert of Jakku, fighting stubbornly against various dangers, but she has still been waiting to be reunited with her families. Her fate changed after meeting the robot BB-8.

    Cosplay costume of Rey includes a top, pants, a girdle, belts, a holster, wristbands, shoulder pads, shawls, and wrist straps. It is not so difficult to cosplay Rey. The cosplay costume of Rey is not very difficult.

    After you put on the top and pants, you need to adjust the holster to the right place.you just need to wear the other parts according to the pictures displayed on the website where you bought your cosplay costume of Rey.  If you cannot understand the pictures, you can turn to the staff for help. They are really helpful and always are ready to help you.

    If you want to finish your cosplay of Rey perfectly, the most important thing is to get a set of perfect cosplay costume. If you don't know how to make clothes or don't want to go to make the thing too much trouble, you can go to the physical stores to buy, or you can buy it online. If you choose online shopping, this is also a good choice. But be sure to choose a reliable store, for example, the HQCOSPLAY is highly recommended by its customers and you can buy a whole set cosplay costume here. You have several choices of Rey cosplay costume here. It will be a good choice to buy your cosplay costume at this store.

    If conditions permit, you can make the cosplay costume yourself at home. You just need to find the right materials and tools to tailor your cosplay costume carefully. For some parts that are not easy to make, you can go to the store and buy them.

    If you want to make yourself look more like Rey in Star Wars when you cosplay her, you can prepare two weapons for yourself. One is a silver-gray toy pistol and you should put it in the holster on the waist. Another one is a sword on the back.

  • Ways to cosplay Finn similar to the image in the film Star Wars

    After seeing the films, Star Wars, many people became a fan of Finn and when they are planning to take part in activity relates to cosplay, such as a comic convention, cosplay of Finn will be the first choice. If you also have such a plan, at first you should know Finn and his costume well, which can help you to get a better effect on the cosplay.

    Finn is one of the protagonists of the famous Star Wars movie series, formerly known as FN-2187, was once the stormtrooper of the First Order and was a high-achieving recruit of the First Order. However, he fled the evil group after witnessing the deaths of his teammates and the slaughter of villagers on the desert planet Jakku when he first took part in combat. When he met Rey, he suddenly realized that he had entered a life-and-death adventure.

    If you are a professional cosplayer and already have taken part in might events, after that you must know the information about the job, however, if you are trying this out for the very first time, then you need to gather some stuff.

    Cosplay costume of Finn includes a top, a jacket, pants, a belt, and a holster. It is not so difficult to cosplay Finn. The cosplay costume of Finn does not have too many differences from our common clothes, so it is easy to wear. The cosplay costume is very convenient, for example, you don't need to worry about the problem that you will meet with some trouble when you go to the restroom caused by the cosplay costume while you are outside.

    After you put on the top, jacket and pants, you need to adjust the holster to the right place. If you can't remember the place of the holster clearly, you can adjust it according to pictures or movies. The belt and the holster are connected.

    If you want to finish your cosplay of Finn perfectly, the most important thing is to get a set of perfect cosplay costume. If conditions permit, you can make the cosplay costume yourself at home. You just need to find the right materials and tools to tailor your cosplay costume carefully. For some parts that are not easy to make, you can go to the store and buy them. If you don't know how to make clothes or don't want to go to make the thing too much trouble, you can go to the physical stores to buy, or you can buy it online. If you choose online shopping, this is also a good choice. But be sure to choose a reliable store, for example, the HQCOSPLAY is highly recommended by its customers and you can buy a whole set cosplay costume here. It will be a good choice.

    Besides, you can buy a realistic toy pistol for yourself to make yourself look more like Finn in Star Wars.

    I wish you a pleased cosplay experience.

  • Thor: Ragnarok Loki Cosplay Costume Guides

    There are only a hand full of actors who have the ability to win your heart over while playing a negative character and Tom Hiddleston is one of them. When Marvel finally decided to give Loki his due on the big screen, Tom Hiddleston played the character of the playful, clever and nuanced God of Mischief, perfectly. Apart from having physical superhuman attributes he has superhuman intelligence and also has the ability to transform himself into any shape and being such as animals, human or superhumans. And I think these reasons are enough to make you motivated about the Loki cosplay. This guide is based on Loki costume which we have seen in the movie Thor: Ragnarok.

    Here starts the list of apparels you will need to make an impressionable Loki costume.

    Loki Leather Jacket:

    The attire of the Norse God that is a perfect mixture of green and black. The Loki costume jacket is majorly made of dark green PU leather and gathers with a few pieces of black PU leather on sleeves. It has an affixed curved stand style collar with golden leather borders, full sleeves which is majorly made of wrinkled black PU leather and surrounded by golden lines. The zipper is placed on the front chest. Several dark green plates made of thick leather form the shoulder guards. This stylish and finely stitched leather jacket can also be paired up with other outfits.

    Loki Leather Vest:

    The whole vest uses black PU leather by cultivating the leather into many pieces and seaming them in a V. There’s a golden accessory on the front, at the position of neck bone.

    Loki Leather Pants:

    The pants are majorly made of black PU leather, decorated green leather around the knee. The zipper and the button closure are placed on the front. You may have to notice the size.

    Loki Leather Cloak

    The cloak is not a necessity in this scenario, but wearing one will definitely earn you some bonus points. The dark green cloak is made of PU leather with the velcro fixed on the shoulder plates which are made of thick leather and brown PU leather. The cloak also has a stand style collar so that it can perfectly match the jacket collar. You can use this cloak multiple times impersonating different superheroes who wear a green costume.

    Loki Leather Gloves and Cuffs:

    Actually the gloves have no fingers, and just cover the palm and the wrist. There are four leather layers stitched on the surface of the gloves and decorated golden purls at the second layer. The cuffs are made of brown and green leather and have black leather inner layers. With the crossing black leather inside, you can dress the cuffs up easily.

    Loki Leather Boots

    These black composite leather riding boots have two layers. The upper of the boots use hard material to firm the shape and rivets to decorate the front part, but the bottom part uses soft PU leather. The boots are specially designed inclined top and have a zip closure at the back. 

  • Complete Star Wars 9 Kylo Ren Cosplay Costume Guide

    Kylo Ren is one of the characters recently introduced in the seventh Episode of famous Star Wars franchise where he was played by Adam Driver. Ren is the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa, he was trained by his uncle Luke Skywalker in Jedi’s Academy. The character of Ben was influenced and obsessed by Snoke to fulfill the legacy of his grandfather Darth Vader. Ben turn into Kylo Ren by killing all his fellow apprentices, left his uncle, and become Knights of Ren which was the organization existed after in the Battle of Endor.

    There is no other bad guy than Kylo Ren. Even if you think he is bad, the character always looks cool when dressing up as the Dark Lord. If you’re ready to embrace the Dark Side then these Kylo Ren Cosplay items are good to go. Where to buy such a cool cosplay costume? Visiting HQCOSPLAY and here’s what you require for your Star Wars 9 Kylo Ren cosplay costumes:

    Ren Leather Cloak

    Dressing like his grandfather, Ren also has a black ankle-length cloak. The cloak is made of soft PU leather with patchworked cuts. All pieces are tilted at a horizontal angle and the angled cuts are in the same direction around the cloak. The cloak has a big hat and an edge of trim around the collar and front edge, it begins at the bottom hem and transitions around the collar.

    Ren Shirt

    The shirt is made of skin-friendly cotton and has a hidden zipper up the entire length of the shirt in the front of the chest. The sleeves are form-fitting, extend to the wrist. A zipper ends at the base of the thumb and runs down the inside seam of each sleeve. The sleeves use the black leather which has pleats, just spaced similarly to the reference images.

    Ren Vest

    Ren usually identifies with characters from the Darkside, but the Ren cosplay costumes offer such interesting and rich aesthetics. The vest uses black satin material which is stitched full of check patterns, somehow making a sense of elegance. The vest is not a short style but the bottom reaches the mid-thigh and the zipper is just half-length than usual at the front of the chest, passing through the stand style collar.

    Ren Black Girdle

    The girdle is made of PU leather and a little higher than usual girdles. Look at the details that a piece of printed pattern leather is stitched in front of the girdle and velcro closure at the back.

    Ren Black Pants

    The pants have no special design, so you can use them not just for Ren cosplay but in various events or co-ordinate other characters cosplay costumes. What you have to notice is that the pants are fitted and have no elastic, so pay attention to the size.

    Ren Gloves

    Form-fitting black PU leather with no visible colors, logos or other markings, the gloves have 3 lines sewn into the hand on the outer edges and 2 at the top of the palm.

    Ren Boots

    The boots are made of PU leather and have a medium gloss shine with no visible laces. There are two straps at the top and two at the bottom around the ankle. Each strap is fastened by a rectangular buckle on the inner side of the boots where features a zipper up the entire length of the boots.

  • How to cosplay as Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok?

    Within the Marvel comic books, Valkyrie was an Asgardian female warrior who was selected by Odin to lead his personal unit of shield-maidens, the Valkyrior. She is often seen in the Thor comic books and is basically a kick-butt, fierce, sword-wielding lady! Well, the Marvel Cinematic Universe brought the character to the silver screen in the movie Thor: Ragnarok. Renowned for her prowess in battle, Valkyrie is often accompanied by her winged horse Aragorn and wears the silver battle suit.

    How to cosplay as Valkyrie as such a cool warrior? Surf the HQCOSPLAY online shop where you can buy wonderful costumes. Let’s take a look at what the Valkyrie cosplay costumes contain.

    Cloak: It’s royal blue and made of cotton. A symbol of Valkyrior is stitched at the cloak back, using the material of silver leather.

    Top: It’s designed to a shirt and use cotton and knitted materials, making it comfortable to wear. Gathering with different parts, it shows exquisite design and high sewing technique. Even the patterns on the fabric follow the suit in the film. Notice that it’s easy to put on with the zipper at the back.

    Vest: There’s a cross on the chest and made of cotton, decorated with some golden leather pieces, just like armors. Six golden leather pieces form shoulder guards, with accurate and sequential layering. The bottom of the vest has lack leather border and with the help of hook&loop, it’s convenient to dress. The vest is not just only used as the armor, but also a place to fix the cloak on.

    Pants: The pants use the same material as the top’s. It’s amazing that even at such an unnoticed place, the design of different parts gathering is accurately the same as it showed in the film. Double pieces of golden leathers are stitched on a band and form a kneel guard, then make two of the kneel guards to be sewed on the pants.

    Collar: It’s a removable high collar, and it’s a little short that just wraps a half-circle around the neck. With a piece of leather, the high collar can be fixed beneath the vest.

    Wristbands: Mostly made of cotton and golden leather, the same materials of the vest. The golden leather is on the position of the forearm and several little bands around the wrist to make sure the wristbands won’t drop. The cotton belts go through the golden leathers and up to the upper arm and make crosses around the arm.

    Apron: Different from other parts, the apron use satin material, but the color of it matches with the vest and has the same black border design. There’s a bag behind which I think can not just be a decoration of costumes but also a practicing design. Two golden leathers are decorated on both outsides of legs where surrounded by elastics on the bottom of the apron in order to fix the apron. A piece of satin is stitched on the front, finalizing the apron and fixed with the vest by two buttons.

    Gloves: Actually the gloves have no fingers, and just cover the palm and the wrist. The gloves are also made of satin and have long belts that can around the forearm.

  • Do You Know The Black Panther Shuri Battle Outfit Cosplay Costume

    Black Panther has the distinction of being one of the few gender-balanced superhero movies. Shuri is the younger sister of King T'Challa(known as the black pather) , but even without her royal family, Shuri is a powerhouse alone. Leading the Wakanda Design Group with her innovative technology ideas, the 16-year-old genius engineer is so much more than a brainiac badass. If you cosplay as Shuri , just make sure to keep your vibranium gauntlets handy and, of course, tease T'Challa with a solid "What are thooooose?!" joke.

    Shuri's basic outfit is a blue sleeveless bodysuit and a brown leather fabric loincloth, plus her panther-shaped gauntlets. The hardest part is the neckpiece. The above tutorial suggests doing it with makeup. But if you don’t know how to make the outfit, you can buy one online. Where to buy nice and inexpensive Shuri cosplay costumes? Come to HQCOSPLAY shop! You can buy nice and cheap costumes here and get good services. Here break Shuri cosplay costumes down into a few pieces and provide some details of the costumes.

    The Onesies: Just like the Black Panther outfit, the onesies use black compound leather printed black and yellow lines and with the addition of blue leathers stitch, making a sense of high technology and dynamic fashion. It’s designed to the round collarless and sleeveless, and an invisible zipper at back for dressing on easily.

    The Aprons: I think this part shows Shuri’s royal identity. It’s yellow in color, not so bright  though, standing out when it contrasts with the black onesies. It’s Made of pure ramie sand washing, a kind of skin-friendly material. It can be separated into two parts: the front part and the back part. The front part is short and has pleats on one side, just like a mini skirt. The back part is long enough to reaching knees with no folds and cultivated to an arc at the bottom. Upper two corners stitch with the rings and fixed on a silver metal accessory.

    Bibs: It has a high collar and mostly uses purple skin with coffee air skin decorated on it. Around the neck, there are a few metal spots, making it like a necklace. On the top of the collar is a chin mask, decorated with two plastic teeth.

    Wristbands: A pair of wristbands made of black compound leather and silver skin, separated into two parts based on materials. The wristbands are more like decoration rather than a practical outfit. With the help of elastics, you don’t need to worry about the size.

    Shoes: Designed to gym shoe style and using the shoe fur, the shoes are friendly to feet. The patterns on the shoes are matching the onesies perfectly, finalizing the Shuri cosplay costumes.

  • Ant-man And The Wasp Cosplay Costume Overview

    With the Marvel universe dominating cinemas for years now, many fans were understandably excited when The Wasp was given a more prominent role in one of the feature films. Marvel characters would have to be some of the most popular cosplay subjects, so grab a partner to dress as Ant-Man and show your love for Ant-Man and The Wasp.

    To gather the Wasp's look, bellow's a costume overview:

    Wasp helmet

    You can buy one in art as well as the crafts store. You can make one for a minimal cost. The original design is that on the ear position, two signal receivers are installed for connecting. You can buy a motorcycle helmet and use silver leather to decorate the outside of it, making two pointing parts as signal receivers and a masked front.


    The suit is mostly made of dark blue composite leathers, but some parts are made of black knitted, for comforting shoulders and legs. Gray leathers decorate the chest and belly, making a good visual effect, besides red leather lines.Notice that the zipper is designed at the back to put the suit on easily. The Wasp cosplay costume of HQCOSPLAY shows the incredible exquisite design and excellent sewing technique.

    Back pieces

    We know the Wasp has wings on her back, which of cause are not born with her but a part of her suit. So the arms need a place for storage, and that’s why the back pieces are required. The back pieces use silver leather, and some red PU leather is decorated on it correctly. A pair of wings made of transparent soft rubber is cut to the shape of insect wings and fixed on the back pieces, which form the Wasp cosplay costume complete.


    Three parts form the wristers: belt, little bag, and elastic. The strap goes through the bag and connects to flexible as a circle. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about your wrist size. Little red PU leathers are decorated on the wristers, matching the Wasp cosplay costume very well.


    There are nicks on the fingers’ tips, designed to grab things quickly. Imagine that you turn to be as small as an ant and a little strong wind will carry you to the air, so a pair of gloves is needed to hold yourself at safe place. The gloves are also dark blue and use composite leather, with zippers designed at palm edge which is easy to put the gloves on.

    Leg Guards

    A pair of leg guards is contained to protect your shins. It’s also made of dark blue leather and up to knees, with long zippers at the back to put on quickly. There are elastics at the bottom, and you can dress the leg guards like socks without worrying their dropping.


    The shoes are designed to fashionable dark blue leather slip sole with zippers at inner side. When you buy costume shoes, please consider the size carefully, because it can make a significant influence on your activity and make sure the shoes fit your feet well. The boots are not only excellent for cosplay, but you can additionally use them on various events.

    Want more details and pictures, then surf HQCOSPLAY online shop, offering you high-quality costumes and friendly service.

  • Tips for cosplaying as Aeris from Final Fantasy VII

    Aeris makes several appearances in the CGI film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, introduced as a flower seller. The light yellow lilies in her basket are just as beautiful as her. She has green eyes and long brown hair tied in a braid with a pink ribbon, wearing a long pink dress, a bolero jacket, and brown hiking boots. The long dress was designed to appear ladylike and soft pink, making her stand out gray block background. Near the end of the film, she gives words of encouragement before walking into the light, like an angel. Though Aeris is not the leading role of the film, she leaves a deep impression on people. Not just because of her beauty, but also her kindness and tolerance. Cloud failed to save her life, but Aeris told him that she never blamed him for her death. During their spiritual reunion, Aeris speaks to Cloud in an open meadow laden with flowers, cheerfully and kindheartedly poking fun at how he needlessly burdens himself with the past. However, she acknowledges his suffering and offers kind words of support.

    How to cosplay as Aeris as such a beautiful girl? There are some tips.

    Aeris has green eyes which meant to symbolize nature. So a pear of green cosmetic contact lenses is needed, and a long brown wig. If there’s no way to buy a braided wig, you can take a straight one and braid it. Don’t forget to tie a pink ribbon.

    Moreover, how to buy Aeris costumes? Surf the HQCOSPLAY shop and there are what you need.

    A long pink dress

    The dress is designed buttons front and V-neck which make your face look small. Its waist is slim fitted and has a red ribbon around. The bottom of the hem is decorated laces, making it sweet and ladylike. What the great design is that the cloth has the deep pink diamond patterns, not just a single color.

    A red coat

    The coat is a kind of motorcycle jacket and designed short sleeves, decorated black belts on cuffs and deep red belts on waist. The collar is deep red and has a layering feeling. Using cotton material makes the coat skin-friendly. Zippers and rivets all have good quality and their color matches the coat.

    A necklace

    The necklace is made of dark brown washed leather and tide a knot decorated with two small metal pendants. And it’s long enough to tie around the neck.

    A pink ribbon or a hair clip

    The ribbon has already tied in a bow with a clip, so it should be easier to dress. What’s more, it can be widely used in many occasions.

    There are always flowers around her and the light is soft bright in every scene of her appearance because she’s just beautiful and pure. Suggest you choose the background with many flowers when you take photos. 

  • Frozen 2 Is Coming Soon! Are You Ready Elsa Cosplay Costumes?

    As the queen of the kingdom of Arendelle, Elsa appears calm, reserved, regal and experienced in grace and poise. Beneath this elegant appearance, however, Elsa is quite complex. In truth, the Snow Queen was, for a majority of her young life, troubled with her abilities, a trait that stems from a traumatic incident as a child. Fortunately, Elsa understands that love can solve the trouble of her strong power that once lost control. But there remains a doubt that why does Elsa have such strong ice power? This question will be answered in the next film, Frozen 2, knowing from the trailers released by Disney. And Frozen 2 is coming soon now, released on November 22, 2019. We can hardly wait to see it on the big screen!

    Some people are too impatient to wait for the film and prepare to cosplay as some characters in Frozen 2, especially Elsa and Anna. They are the most popular characters since Frozen comes out immediately. Every girl wants to be a princess, so it cannot happen to miss cosplaying as Elsa and Anna.

    Where to buy nice and inexpensive Frozen 2 Elsa cosplay costume? Surf HQCOSPLAY online shop! There are plenty of high-quality cosplay costumes and provide satisfying after-sale services. The costumes include jacket, dress, leggings, girdle, and boots, which are both accurate designed, exquisite in details, made according to the original version, great for Elsa cosplay.

    In the trailer, we first see that Elsa wears a white dress with long sleeves which is designed to an off-the-shoulder halterneck. The parts of the shoulder and the back are stitched with a piece of gauze and the skirt is made of gauze too. Sequins and rhinestones decorate full of the dress so that it can be blink and majestic as a snow queen’s underwear. Detail of pointing cuff follows origin design. Under the dress is a pair of white leggings. When Elsa wears this set of cloth and struggles to cross the sea, her moving seems light and fast, for the design of fitting body and using of light material.

    The jacket is also white and a little longer than the beneath the dress, the collar of which just around the neck in half. The upper part is opening design and plenty of rhinestones decorate shoulders, forming the shape of snow flats. It’s also a backless design. Back part, two pieces of long gauze instead, decorated with sequins as a cloak. The bottom part is gradually changing to blue, wonderful color, printed white spots like shining diamonds and some royal patterns. What amazing design is that diamond-like blue pendants are all around the bottom and it must look beautiful when the hem flutters. Outside the jacket is a blue girdle, little pointing front design, and embroidered a snow flat which is just upper part but beautiful. The boots use the same design of jacket bottom vertically and four snow flats are embroidered on the front, the big ones on the top, and the small ones on the head. Zippers are designed at back, for taking on and off easily.

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