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5 Most Popular Female Halloween Costumes In 2019

As Halloween coming now, all of us want to shock our friends or show our best in amazing costumes. But it might be a vexed thing to select a costume, especially for some picky ladies. Still in a panic of choosing an awesome costume? Don’t worry! Quality Cosplay has all you need for Halloween costumes. Here I present 5 popular female cosplay costumes in 2019. From cute costumes to heroine costumes and sexy costumes, without any exaggeration, you’re bound to be a shining star at the Halloween party.
Harley Quinn

The trailer of Birds of Prey was just released recently, but it has been catching many people’s eyes. First, we saw Harley Quinn has a totally new look in this movie, from her haircut to costume. Continually the red and blue theme, Harley Quinn wears no more the design of color mixing but a red vest and blue shorts instead. Adding a colorful ribbon coat or golden bib pants, she looks pretty cute. After splitting with the Joker, she joins forces with Black Canary, the Huntress, and Renee Montoya to save Cassandra Cain from Gotham City crime lord Black Mask. We all look forward to what Harley Quinn will do against the crime. As Nicki Minaj posted photos of her in a Harley Quinn cosplay costume, I bet this will be a real blast. So catch up the best time and take this Harley Quinn cosplay costume!
Black Widow

As Avengers End Game released this year, we knew the sad fact of Black Widow. She is such a beautiful and excellent agent and also her sexy glamour attracts lots of fans. But we can bring her back with this Black Widows Cosplay Costume. Besides, Marvel announced the exciting news of Black Window’s personal movie that will be released next year. So let’s bury the sadness and dress up the Black Widows cosplay costume to celebrate her return.
Captain Marvel

The movie with the same name as this heroine was released this year and soon became the hottest topic. Who doesn’t want to be such a tough and powerful heroine? Captain Marvel is the first female superhero featuring film of MCU. There are many negative comments about Captain Marvel’s appearance which is different from the beautiful and sexy shapes of Wonder Woman and Black Window. She even walks in a way of a warrior. But we see the growth process of Captain Marvel and her self-exploration and we’re impressed by her charm, strong-mind, and confidence as an independent woman. Pick this Captain Marvel cosplay costume and save the universe!

Among all the princesses of Disney, Elsa who became the snow queen later, as I can say, is the most beloved character. Despite her beautiful appearance, she has powerful ice magic which made her live in fears and almost kill her sister Anna. At the end of the film Frozen, Elsa finally understood that love can thaw the ice and peace turned back to Arendelle. So we know that Elsa is not cold-hearted, on the other side, she really cares Anna has a soft heart that keeps Olaf alive. As the trailer of Frozen 2 released, fans can’t wait to see their new adventure. Now dress up the Frozen 2 Elsa cosplay costume and explore the source of the ice magic!

The movie Maleficent Mistress of Evil is being shown now. Again we see the evil fairy Maleficent and the beautiful princess (became the queen later) Aurora. I saw the film last weekend. Despite the disgusting plot, Maleficent’s awesome appearance really impresses me, especially her black gown at the royal banquet and black phoenix outlook. I bet the Maleficent cosplay costume in Maleficent 2 will be the most popular Halloween costume.

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