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  • Quick Overview Of Evil Queen Regina Mills Cosplay Costume

    Queen Regina, formerly known as the Evil Queen, and briefly known as Wilma and Ursula, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. Evil Queen Regina Mills is portrayed by LanaParrilla and has been praised by critics for her role as the series's first major antagonist. She has become a fan favorite since her debut.
    Lots of girls would often like to wear this cosplay costume of the main character Evil Queen Regina Mills in order to get an awesome look. Now let’s take a quick overview of Evil Queen Regina Mills cosplay costume.


    Made of printed suede, the cloak features folding design on the upper part and tie across the chest with a thin strap, just covering the right shoulder which looks unique. The Evil Queen Regina Mills must look cool in this cloak, so as you dress up The Evil Queen Regina Mills cosplay costume.
    The double-layer vest has a complicated design with many kinds of materials gathering and unusual forming. First, the vest has a square collar with a leather border. There are three places that use cross straps closure, one at the front chest, two at both sides of the underarm. Take a close look at the detail that leather stitches decorate every single dart seam. The bottom part of the vest is designed as flower shape and every “petal” has a rivet edge. You will shine when you dress up the Evil Queen Regina Mills cosplay costume.
    The mini skirt is a mixture of black suede and gray leather. It has no pleat but has an embroidered edge which gains a sense of elegant. The pieces of rivet “petal” cover the skirt and as the decoration in a perfect way. The fashionable Punk style of the Evil Queen Regina Mills cosplay costume will make you so attractive in cosplay show.
    Belt & Scabbard:
    The belt is also decorated with many rivets, matching with the vest and looking like the Punk style. A black leather scabbard hangs on the belt and it’s unique for designing as cross-strap closure.
    The long gloves form with two parts. The inner part is made of knitted for comfortable. The outer part is made of black PU leather and stitched with many belts and rivets. The gloves have no fingers and just cover the palm. With these fashionable gloves, you will make an impressive look in the Evil Queen Regina Mills cosplay.
    Stockings & Shoes
    Don’t forget these accessions. They completing the Evil Queen Regina Mills cosplay costume. For their simple design, they can be used in various events.
    If you want to cosplay as the Evil Queen Regina Mills, then this cosplay costume is definitely for you. You can find a high-quality NieR 2B cosplay costume on hqcosplay.com. We do provide various cosplay costumes with very fast shipping and low price.

  • How To Dress Like 9 Type S In Nier Automata With Cosplay Costume

    After “NieRa: Automata” release, we have already seen tons of cosplays of the game’s characters hitting the scene, specifically the game’s front runner. “NieR: Automata” game official announced on May 31, 2017, the game’s global shipments and digital version sales have exceeded 1.5 million. The background of the game is set in the distant future, describing the fighting story of mechanical life sent by the alien of the human being and the man-made “YoRHa” troops sent by the human side on the destroyed earth. In this game, there are three protagonists, YoRHa No. 9 Type S, YoRHa Type A No. 2 and YoRHa No. 2 Type B.

    YoRHa No. 9 Type S is also a role for the player to manipulate. 9S-type is mainly responsible for a hacker, to study the combat mission. He is good at collecting information, also has the ability to attack. In YoRHa, 9S has a good heart and expresses emotions in many ways. His costume is a classic Gothic style.

    Have a quick view of the following NieR 9S cosplay costume structures.


    9S Black Jacket:
    The jacket features a Peter Pan collar with a belt beneath it. Ten shining buttons are separated into two lines at the front of the chest. The bottom part of the jacket is designed as four patterns and each pattern has beautiful white embroidery. Shed off your ordinary cosplay costume and swap the NieR 9S cosplay jacket for an elegant.

    9S Black Shorts:
    9S has a pair of black knee-hi shorts and each cuff of the shorts stitches three buttons, matching the black jacket. The skin-friendly material and fit forming design make you love the NieR 9S cosplay costume and enjoy NieR 9S cosplay all the time.

    9S Black Eye Mask:
    The double-layer chiffon eye mask is thin enough so that you can see through, but dark enough to cover your eyes. Using soft fabric and tie closure at back, the eye mask won’t hurt your eyes, but let you look cool combining with the NieR 9S cosplay costume.

    9S Black Boots:
    The style of boots is mid-calf boots with roll cuffs and each boot is decorated with three buckled belts, two belts on the upper and the other near the ankle. The boots feature a zipper up the entire length at the back. Gathering with the black knitted socks, you will look perfect with the NieR 9S cosplay costume.

    Necklet, Gloves, Bag:
    These accessories play a big part in NieR 9S cosplay costume. They complete the perfect NieR 2B cosplay costume. The PU leather bag is functional so you are able to use it to carry items.
    The perfect combination of all the accessories of the NieR 9S cosplay costume will make you look like the character 9S in the game NieR. Buy it on hqcosplay.com with very fast shipping and low price.

  • How to choose a perfect Captain Marvel cosplay costume in The Avengers 4?

    If you are going to take part in an event soon and want to cosplay a hero, then you'd better choose your cosplay object carefully. You can cosplay the hero you like best, or you can cosplay a hero whose costume is super cool. If you want your cosplay to catch more attention, the cosplay costume of Captain Marvel in Avengers 4 may be a good choice.

    Captain Marvel is the superhero of the American Marvel Comics. Captain Marvel has many superpowers, initially including power beyond ordinary people, endurance to pain, awesome physical damage resistance, flight ability, and predictability. The current Captain Marvel Carol Danvers was originally a US Air Force pilot and later became an Air Force Intelligence Agent. Once, the alien device "soul conduit" exploded and Danvers was trapped. The explosion merged her genes with the genes of Mar-Vell and gained the power of being different from ordinary people. She became Ms. Marvel and took over the title of Captain Marvel after Mar-Vell's death.

    Captain Marvel's capabilities include superpower, super speed, super endurance, super perception, energy control, super reaction, molecular control, flight, prophecy, gravity control, photon shockwaves, etc.


    Captain Marvel's costume is mainly made of different kinds of leather. The parts of the costume include a helmet, a vest, a jumpsuit, an apron, a wristband, gloves, a bib, shoes, and a belt. This costume is mainly composed of red and blue, and also has some golden lines and patterns. The patterns of Captain Marvel's cosplay costume are not so easy to describe, but they are all symmetrical. There is a golden five-pointed star pattern on the chest.

    The helmet is red. The top of the helmet is designed with golden, standing hair, so with this helmet, you don't need to worry about the hairstyle problem. After wearing this helmet, you only expose your eyes, nose, and mouth.

    You can buy your cosplay costume at the local store, and you can also find your cosplay costume online. These two ways have their benefits. However, if you want to save some of your time and buy a cheaper Captain Marvel cosplay costume, you can search it online. There are many online cosplay costume stores that sell such kind of cosplay costume today, so you can find the cosplay costume online easily. HQCOSPLAY is a highly recommended online store, and the cosplay costumes here are all of the high quality and affordable. According to the customers' reviews, you can know that the store offers excellent customer service.

    Captain Marvel's cosplay costume is divided into many parts, so when you wear this cosplay costume, you need to follow the order, otherwise, your efficiency may be low. If you buy it online, you can ask the staff for information about how to wear the cosplay costume.

    Captain Marvel's cosplay costume will show off your perfect body, so cosplay of Captain Marvel will definitely make your cosplay a success.

  • How to make a perfect cosplay of Black Widow?

    If you are interested in cosplay and plan to participate in a cosplay-related event soon, you will need to choose a cosplay costume that suits you best after a comprehensive consideration. The Marvel movie has produced a lot of superheroes that the audience likes very much. Although people are still discussing who is the most popular one among them, there is no doubt that the Black Widow has many fans after the screening of the film. If you choose a Black Widow cosplay costume, it will give you a great cosplay experience.

    Black Widow, whose real name is Natasha Romanoff, is a superhero of the American Marvel Comics. She was originally a Russian female detective who secretly organized the SHIELD. Black Widow is graceful, with a good face, clear mind, quick action, extraordinary skill, tough and fierce, and is an elite agent of SHIELD. Natasha was initially placed inside the Stark Industries as an undercover, responsible for monitoring Iron Man Tony Stark and later officially joining the Avengers.

    The Black Widow has a unique intelligence, she has an incredible affinity, can hide her true feelings, have the ability to quickly handle multiple information flows (such as threat assessment) like the Captain America, and can quickly respond to changing tactics.

    She is also an expert martial artist, shooter, and weapons expert. She has received extensive spy training and is a successful ballerina.


    When you are planning to cosplay the Black Widow, gaining the right cosplay costume is a very important thing that you need to do first. Also, you need to learn things about her as well as her cosplay costume.

    About how and where to get a perfect Black Widow cosplay costume, there are two ways for you. You can buy the Black Widow cosplay costume at a local store or buy it online. Both of these purchase methods have their benefits. When you buy it at the local store, you can see whether the
    quality is good or not directly, and you can try the cosplay costume before paying and then you can know if the costume fits you well and if you should buy it. When you shopping online, you can't try the cosplay costume immediately and you can't see its quality, but you can view the reviews written by customers of a store. After that, you can know whether the store is reliable. QUALITYCOSPLAY is an online store for cosplay costume, if you need it, you can surf here easily.

    If you want to have a complete Black Widow cosplay costume, then you need to prepare a jumpsuit, a pair of gloves, shoes, leather cases, a backpack, a bracelet, and belts.

    The main part of the costume is the onesie. After you wear the onesie, wear the other parts so that you look more like the Black Widow in the Avengers. You can wear gloves, holsters, bracelet, backpack, and the belts according to the pictures or the characters in the movie.

    You can find a weapon for yourself that looks like that of Black Widow, put it into the backpack and you'll have a better feeling of the cosplay.

  • Let Me Tell You Just How To Excellent Cosplay Wonder Woman Diana Prince

    The Wonder Woman 2017 movie takes us back to the origins of the superhero: the amazon princess leaves her island home to explore the world and, in doing so, becomes the Wonder Woman we all know.

    Wonder Woman or Diana Prince is so popular these days. And I bet there will be a lot of Wonder Woman in this year Comic-Cons. So if you want to cosplay? Diana as well, you need to consider how to stand out among the numerous Wonder Women. Luckily, here we sort out some very good Wonder Woman cosplay costumes for you. Just follow the amazing Wonder Woman cosplay tutorial, you will shine in the Comic-cons! Here we have provided the version of Wonder Woman cosplay costume for you. First, you need to know what you need to make for your Amazon Prince cosplay costumes:

    Wonder Woman Diana Prince Costpaly Costume

    Wonder Woman classic cosplay armor:
    The style of Wonder Woman cosplay armor is a bodice as well as a breastplate. The main part of the bodice is formed by several dark red v shape PU leathers stitched with spidery black leather and accurately fit your body. A piece of golden PU leather which is cut into eagle shape decorates on the upper part of the bodice and another w shape piece decorates the bottom part. Notice the convertible closure with strings up the entire length of the bodice at back.

    Wonder Woman cosplay skirt:
    It’s a blue pleated costume skirt that's both dependable and stylish — just like the Amazon who wears it. This year's reprise with Gal Gadot offers a fresh take on the old standby, with more muted colors, a tougher demeanor, and a lack of stars or stripes. The pearl leather skirt is so fashionable that it will make you attractive in the Wonder Woman cosplay. A pair of leggings is contained, in case of wardrobe malfunction.

    Wonder Woman cosplay crown:
    It’s actually a headband which is made of golden PU leather with v shape scratched leather at the front, looking like the real Wonder Woman headband.

    Amazon Diana cosplay armband:
    Diana Prince wears a gold armband on her left hand. It’s simple but stylish, using the golden PU leather which is formed w shape and closure with Velcro at both sides of the armband. Wearing the Diana cosplay armband will make you look cool.

    Diana Prince cosplay gloves and wrist guards:
    Twining around by the long brown PU leather belts and crossing the palm and the wrist form the Diana Prince gloves. Combining with the silver wrist guards make Diana Prince cosplay costume great. The wrist guards are made of several pieces of silver PU leather and decorated golden leather at both upper and bottom parts. There are a brown inner layer and two short belts on each wrist guard for fixing it on your arm with Velcro.

    Shoe covers:
    The shoe covers use the same material and similar design as the bodice, finalizing the Wonder Woman Diana Prince cosplay costume.

    Rope and strap:
    These are Diana’s helpful accessories and play a big part in Wonder Woman Diana Prince cosplay costume, so you have to gather the rope and strap as well.

    You can follow the amazing cosplay tutorial to make your own one if you have enough time. Or maybe you can find the original look Diana cosplay costume in hqcosplay.com. They do provide movie quality Wonder Woman Diana Prince cosplay costume with very fast shipping.

  • Detailed Guide To Avengers 4 Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Cosplay Costume

    Captain Marvel is based on Marvel comics. The story's background was set in the 1990s. Carol Danvers is a US Air Force pilot in Captain Marvel, was hit by a cosmic energy beam by chance, earning an amazing superpower and becoming a warrior of the Cree elite armed StarCraft. With the help of Agent Nick Fury, Carol Danvers began to unravel the story of her past truth. Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, is a superhero of the American Marvel Comics.

    As we are well aware that Super Heroes Costume would never be outdated, so here are the costume of Captain Marvel which is still famous these days. We know the sleek, sexy catsuits of Black Widow, Storm, and Wonder Woman. Notably, the super suits worn by Larson in Captain Marvel are not nearly as titillating. In fact, they look a little bit like Captain American suit: form-fitting yet thick, with military-inspired armor around the arms, hips, chest, and abs.

    Just have a quick view of the following Avengers 4 Captain Marvel cosplay costume that includes all items you need.


    Helmet and Bib:
    Unlike many female superheroes, Captain Marvel doesn't always wear her hair down, but she wears a helmet in which her hair sticks out like Mohawk, looking very rad. The top of this helmet has already designed as stand blond hair, so you have no bother of the hairstyle of Captain Marvel cosplay. The bib has a high stand collar, which is formed by blue leather belts. The top of the bib can perfectly joint with the helmet.

    Jumpsuit and Vest:
    The upper part of the jumpsuit uses black cotton. The texture of the fabric feels amazing and is breathable to wear for an entire day. Red, blue and gold stretch leathers are wildly used in the jumpsuit sleeves, the leggings, and the vest. They are perfectly mixture for the Avengers 4 Captain Marvel cosplay costume that you will not be able to differentiate between the original costume and your Captain Marvel cosplay costume.

    Belt and Apron:
    The belt is a mixture of blue, black and gold leathers. Two blue hexagonal patterns go through the black thin belt, located at both sides of the wast. Made of blue stretch leather, the apron simply twines around the wast and closure the ends with two metal D-rings. They are simple and unappealing though, such details will extend greatness of the Avengers 4 Captain Marvel cosplay costume.

    Wristband and Gloves:
    Made of blue stretch leather and decorated of the gold leather border, the wristbands are perfectly matching the jumpsuit. These blue gloves will add more details and authenticity to your Brie Larson Avengers 4 Captain Marvel cosplay Costume. Not only that but they will also protect your hands from the scorching rays of the sun.

    Captain Marvel Shoes:
    The shoes have low heels so that they are sturdy, durable and at the same time comfortable. You must have these shoes for an unerring display of your Girls Captain Marvel Costume.

    The perfect combination of all the accessories of the Captain Marvel cosplay costume will make you look like the character Carol Danvers who’s in the movie Avengers 4. Buy it on hqcosplay.com. You will not be disappointed. This is the best choice.

  • How to get a perfect Luke Skywalker cosplay costume

    Luke Skywalker is a hero who is loved by many comic lovers and film lovers. In many people's minds, he has a very good image. So, Luke cosplay is an excellent choice but it also will take more your attention to his hero image and his cool costume.

    Luke Skywalker is one of the important characters in the Star Wars series of films, the protagonist of the trilogy (EP4-6). Luke Skywalker is an ordinary farm boy on the planet of Tatooine, but has an extraordinary life experience. He is a Jedi Knight and The Force User, a member of the Rebel Alliance, and contributes to the establishment of the New Republic.  


    If you have already participated in a lot of cosplay activities, such as comic exhibitions, then you must have a certain understanding of cosplay, and also know what needs to pay attention to when you cosplay a character. If you are a newbie of cosplay, you have to spend more time on Luke Skywalker cosplay.

    You should buy a Luke Skywalker cosplay costume that fits you best, and then you can start your cosplay. You can buy the cosplay costume you need online, which can help you save some of your time and money, and you won't be too tired because of looking for your cosplay costume. You can use some of your free time to search for Luke Skywalker cosplay costume on the telephone or your computer. Many online stores sell such kinds of cosplay costumes, so it won't take too much time for you to find the cosplay costume.

    Buying online, you must pay attention to the credibility of the store. If you are careless and buy a poor quality Luke Skywalker cosplay costume, your entire cosplay experience will be badly affected. If you really need you can surf the HQCOSPLAY, here the high-quality and affordable cosplay costume, excellent service, and fast delivery are all available.

    Luke's black leather cloak extends to the knees, and its left and right sides are not symmetrical. Unlike other cloaks, Luke's cloak is not tied directly to the shoulders but is pulled one side from the front to the other side, and then tie it. There is also a big hat on his cloak, which gives people a strong sense of mystery when worn.

    Luke's coat is also made of leather. There is no zipper or buttons on the coat, so the coat can't be buckled. However, when you put on your coat, it won't look very rigid. The design of the coat makes the front part of the coat look layered when worn.

    When you put on the underwear and pants, put on your belt and adjust to the length that suits you best. Then put on the coat and the cloak. Luke Skywalker wears only one glove, which makes his look cooler.

    Be carefully and you will have a fantastic cosplay experience of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.

  • Ideas of how to cosplay Leia in Star Wars

    Everyone has a favorite hero in their hearts, especially after the screening of the Star Wars movie series, many of the characters have become the idol of the audience. All Marvel movies have performed well all over the world. It confirms the entertainment, fun and excellence of Marvel. Although the topic of who is the most popular character has been discussed for a long time, Leia already has a large number of fans. This character attracts many people’s attention.


    Leia Organa Solo is an important part of the movie Star Wars, and his father is Anakin Skywalker. She was later adopted by the leader of the Rebel Alliance, Mr. Bell Ogana. Under her leadership, the Rebel Alliance continued to fight the Galaxy Empire and won. Her husband is the famous Han Solo. Of course, the war is far from over, and Leia is still active on the battlefield to lead the Resistance to fight for the people. 

    If you plan to go to an event about cosplay soon, then you can try to cosplay Leia, because it will definitely make you stand out of the line. The Leia cosplay costume is very simple, including a coat and a dress. Leia's dress is very long, which can cover her feet when she wears it, and her coat is also very long, just a little shorter than the dress.

    This dress will make you look very slender when worn, but the dress is not tight, so you don't worry about that it will be uncomfortable to wear. The collar of the coat is very tall and the design is perfect. Leia's entire outfits are very grand, and people look elegant when they wear the costume, and they also have a noble temperament.

    If you want to make your cosplay more successful and have a more meaningful experience, you must pay your attention to the cosplay costume. What you must do is choose a costume that fits your size. You can choose to make the costume by yourself. The Leia cosplay costume is not difficult to make. As long as you have the right materials and good craftsmanship, you can make a perfect Leia cosplay costume.

    If conditions don't permit, you can choose to go to a local store to buy it. Of course, if you can also shop online. Buying your cosplay costume from online stores can save some money for you. You can also easily find the style you like and the size that fits you best on online stores. However, you'd better choose a store that has good credibility and is highly recommended, or your interests may suffer. HQCOSPLAY is a good online shop and received high comments from most customers. It's trustworthy. If you need it, you can find your costume here.

    The cosplay costumes of Leia sold at this online store are of high quality. You will enjoy your cosplay of Leia in Star Wars if you buy your cosplay costume here.

  • How can you cosplay Han Solo, a hero in Star Wars well

    If you are planning to attend a comic convention, the first thing you need to do is to think about which personality is your favorite one and whether it is a good choice to cosplay him/her. There are many popular personalities who have interesting or famous stories, but if you want to make your cosplay attractive enough and not too difficult, you can consider Han Solo cosplay costumes.

    A Star Wars Story Han Solo Outfit Cosplay Costume

    After the release of the Star Wars film series, I believe that many of you know who Han Solo is. Han Solo is the main character in the film "Star Wars", which is starred in the movie by Harrison Ford. Han was originally the captain of a smuggled cargo ship "Millennium Falcon" and later became an important member of the Rebel Alliance. Then he was killed by his son Kylo Ren (Ben Solo) in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens". Han Solo has won many fans with his personality and life experience, so it must be the right choice to cosplay him.

    If you have decided to cosplay Han Solo, then you must know enough about his cosplay costume, which can help you to make Han Solo cosplay more perfect. Han Solo cosplay costume includes a jacket, pants, a shirt, a belt, a holster, and a strap. Parts of this cosplay costume are not too much and the costume is simpler than others.

    The way to wear Han Solo's cosplay costume is similar to that of the usual clothes, but you need to wear the belt, holster and the strap properly after you wear his cosplay costume. You can know the right places of the three parts through pictures of Han Solo in Star Wars.

    Only when you get a suitable cosplay costume can you cosplay Han Solo well. If you have enough free time, you can go to the local costume stores with your friends to see if you can find the right and perfect Han Solo cosplay costume. But buying it from a local store may be not so easy. The cosplay costumes sold in the local stores may not be so complete, so perhaps not every store has Han Solo's cosplay costumes, and you may find it harder to find what you want. If you find Han Solo's cosplay costume, there may not be a size that suits you. Also, the price of the cosplay costume sold in local stores won't be cheap.

    You can consider that to buy the cosplay costume online. Many online stores sell cosplay costumes and you can almost find the one you want at every cosplay costume online store. But you can't see the quality of the costume you will buy. Therefore, you should buy from a reliable store. According to the reviews of customers, you can see that HQCOSPLAY is trustworthy. If you need it, you can surf here freely. You will find a perfect cosplay costume of Han Solo here.

  • How to Cosplay As Rey from Star Wars 9

    Rey Skywalker, played by Daisy Ridley in the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is the next generation of Jedi and as Star Wars 9: The Rise of Skywalker coming soon, she is going to be one hot costume this year. Rey is tough, kind, and good. She is also young, gorgeous, and a true survivor.

    Rey is clearly known as a leader for the new generation fans of Star Wars. Lots of

    girls would often like to wear this cosplay costume of the main character Rey in order to get an awesome look. 

    Take a step back to look at the basic structures.

    Bottoming top and shawl:

    This costume has only a lighter color than the Jedi version of the costume and not just a single white. The style of the top is a bit like a v-shaped collar vest and has a big hat behind. Above the hat is a short stand collar. The long shawl use flowing gray chiffon fabric that crosses over the shoulders and chest and is held in place by the brown leather belts that appear to be melded together at the hip.



    Rey has a pair of pure white knee-hi pants, forming fit. Each cuff of the pants has a breaking edge. Such style pants are not easy to be found, but they are really suitable for Star Wars 9 Rey cosplay costume. Made of Roman cloth and with a zipper at the front will be skin-friendly and easy for dressing.


    The belt definitely takes a big part of the Rey cosplay costume. It uses brown double-layer composite leather which makes it firm and durable. The belt is separated into two thin belts, one of them around the waist and the other hangs a holster which is also made of the same material of the belt. Another thin belt goes through the bottom of the holster so that you can fix it on your right leg. You will look so cool in Rey cosplay costume, especially with the belt. Notice that there’s a wrinkled girdle, made of gray chiffon, beneath the belt, suitable for Rey cosplay costume.


    Ray has two different-design wristbands, even locates in a different place. But they use the same material of the belt and wristbands will make you attractive to your Star Wars 9 Rey cosplay. The right one has three layers, forming a tower shape. You can fix it on the upper arm with a self-gripping fastener. The left one is similarly designed as the right one, but it’s shorter for dress on the wrist.

    Wrist straps:

    There are plenty of positive responses and reviews for Ray cosplay costume because it is from Rey’s first appearance. The wrist straps are also a reason for making Rey cosplay costume charming. They are originally used for arm warming, but combining with the wristbands, they look awesome as Star Wars 9 Rey cosplay costume. Pleats feature the straps and by using Roman cloth, they’re friendly to the skin.

    If you want to be Star Wars 9 Rey, then this cosplay costume is definitely for you. hqcosplay.com will be your reliable place to buy good and Inexpensive Star Wars 9 Rey cosplay costume. Looking forward to your Rey cosplay.

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