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  • Best Superheroine Halloween Costume Ideas

    As we are well aware that superheroes cosplay costumes would never be outdated, so as superheroine cosplay costumes becoming more and more popular in recent decades. Those beloved superheroine characters importantly encourage us.
    But today I’m not talking about the characters that derive from original superheroes, like Supergirl, Batwoman, Spiderwoman. What I want to talk about is these charming superheroine from individual sources that some of them even have no relationship to male superheroes. Who are they? Let’s check them out.
    Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman or Diana Prince is so popular since her first appearance in All-Star Comics #8 in October 1941 and I believe you have seen lots of Wonder Woman cosplay photos. Her typical red sleeveless armor and blue skirt costume form her sexy glamour. Black down hair with a golden head wearing (actually it’s her crown) consists a recognized symbol. Now take this Wonder Woman cosplay costume and greet the upcoming film Wonder Woman 1984.
    Black Window
    Scarlett Johansson has played the Black Widow in many Marvel films since 2010. The character died in the films Avengers End Game, but her playing career doesn’t put an end. Black Window’s personal movie is on the way, So let’s bury the sadness and dress up the Black Widows Cosplay Costume to celebrate her return.
    Captain Marvel
    Captain Marvel is the first female superhero featuring film of MCU. Although Captain Marvel doesn’t look as sexy as Wonder Woman and Black Window, she even walks in a warrior way. But we see her amazing superpower and her strong-mind, confidence as an independent woman. That’s what impresses us most. Pick this Captain Marvel cosplay costume and save the universe!
    The Wasp
    The movie Ant-Man and the Wasp was just released last year. Hope van Dyne got the Wasp mantle from her mother Jimmy Woo who was lost in the quantum realm. So The Wasp and her father kidnapped Lang, Ant-Man for retrieving Jimmy. Their incredible shape-changing costumes, especially The Wasp costume with flying function, attract so many fans and become hot Halloween costumes. So grab a partner to dress as Ant-Man and show your love for Ant-Man and The Wasp.
    Shuri is the younger sister of King T'Challa(known as the Black Panther) and a genius engineer. In the movie Avengers End Game, Shuri showed her brainiac power and hi-tech fighting skill, as well as her awesome purple and brown battle suit. We may see the costume again in the upcoming film Black Panther 2. So it’s a good choice to dress up this movie version Shuri cosplay costume for Halloween.
    Rey Skywalker, played by Daisy Ridley in the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is the next generation of Jedi and like Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker coming soon, her white costume is going to be a hot cosplay costume that asked for by many girls. Rey is young but tough and has a good heart after surviving from the abandon of a very young age. If you want to be such a charming girl, don’t miss this Rey cosplay costume.
    More superheroine costumes are available at HQCOSPLAY. Pick your favorite one and enjoy Halloween!

  • Popular Superhero Costumes Guide For Halloween

    Superhero theme movies always take a big part in the movie market, especially that happen this year. Several Marvel movies were released closely and DC movies were just right behind them. These beloved superheroes’ popularity never goes down, only growing up. People are fired with the enthusiasm for superhero cosplay which can be shown from the huge demand of superhero cosplay costumes. They’re essential for Halloween costumes. So here I’ll talk about the following most popular superhero costumes which are all available in QualityCoaplay online store with high quality. Let’s check them out.
    Captain America
    Captain America is defined as a fictional superhero, but he is not a natural hero, nor does he have an immortal body (which is why he needs a shield to protect himself). Steve Rogers, a lean man with a good heart, was selected for an experiment turning him into a fighting machine known as Captain America. He got incredible strength but had always been keeping courage and honesty. Captain America costume is inspired directly by the American flag, accompanied by a front A printing helmet and a centric star shield.
    “Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive… The Man of Steel fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way.” People around the world all recognize his blue uniform, his flowing red cape and the "S" shield on his chest. Although Superman was not the first superhero character, he popularized the superhero archetype and defined its conventions. Importantly, he remains the best selling superhero in comic books of all time. It’ll no doubt be a good idea to choose the Superman cosplay costume for Halloween.
    It's your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Spider-Man has been a beloved part of the Marvel Universe since his debut in 1962 and now is a household name for people around the world. Everybody loves Spidey in his amazing attire, he does not have a muscle physique like Superman, though. People are truly impressed by his responsible spirit. You’ll never miss the Spider-man cosplay during Halloween.
    The Caped Crusader, World’s Greatest Detective, or the Batman, created by DC Comics in 1939, has been at the heart of fans and one of the famous characters all the time. Batman is the secret identity of Bruce Wayne, who after his parents were murdered, dressed up in a bat-inspired costume to fight crime in Gotham City. This year, choose a high-quality, movie version Batman Halloween costume that will pack a powerful punch no matter what your fright night plans.
    Different from the typical superhero, Deadpool is known as “Merc With A Mouth”, the wise-cracking, samurai sword-wielding, naughty yet hilarious anti-hero. Recognized by red and black, he owns superhero cool stuff, like the healing factor. He is everyone’s favorite anti-hero. With a Deadpool cosplay costume, you’ll be the superstar of Halloween party.
    More superhero costumes are available on hqcosplay.com. Pick your favorite one and enjoy Halloween!

  • 5 Most Popular Female Halloween Costumes In 2019

    As Halloween coming now, all of us want to shock our friends or show our best in amazing costumes. But it might be a vexed thing to select a costume, especially for some picky ladies. Still in a panic of choosing an awesome costume? Don’t worry! Quality Cosplay has all you need for Halloween costumes. Here I present 5 popular female cosplay costumes in 2019. From cute costumes to heroine costumes and sexy costumes, without any exaggeration, you’re bound to be a shining star at the Halloween party.
    Harley Quinn

    The trailer of Birds of Prey was just released recently, but it has been catching many people’s eyes. First, we saw Harley Quinn has a totally new look in this movie, from her haircut to costume. Continually the red and blue theme, Harley Quinn wears no more the design of color mixing but a red vest and blue shorts instead. Adding a colorful ribbon coat or golden bib pants, she looks pretty cute. After splitting with the Joker, she joins forces with Black Canary, the Huntress, and Renee Montoya to save Cassandra Cain from Gotham City crime lord Black Mask. We all look forward to what Harley Quinn will do against the crime. As Nicki Minaj posted photos of her in a Harley Quinn cosplay costume, I bet this will be a real blast. So catch up the best time and take this Harley Quinn cosplay costume!
    Black Widow

    As Avengers End Game released this year, we knew the sad fact of Black Widow. She is such a beautiful and excellent agent and also her sexy glamour attracts lots of fans. But we can bring her back with this Black Widows Cosplay Costume. Besides, Marvel announced the exciting news of Black Window’s personal movie that will be released next year. So let’s bury the sadness and dress up the Black Widows cosplay costume to celebrate her return.
    Captain Marvel

    The movie with the same name as this heroine was released this year and soon became the hottest topic. Who doesn’t want to be such a tough and powerful heroine? Captain Marvel is the first female superhero featuring film of MCU. There are many negative comments about Captain Marvel’s appearance which is different from the beautiful and sexy shapes of Wonder Woman and Black Window. She even walks in a way of a warrior. But we see the growth process of Captain Marvel and her self-exploration and we’re impressed by her charm, strong-mind, and confidence as an independent woman. Pick this Captain Marvel cosplay costume and save the universe!

    Among all the princesses of Disney, Elsa who became the snow queen later, as I can say, is the most beloved character. Despite her beautiful appearance, she has powerful ice magic which made her live in fears and almost kill her sister Anna. At the end of the film Frozen, Elsa finally understood that love can thaw the ice and peace turned back to Arendelle. So we know that Elsa is not cold-hearted, on the other side, she really cares Anna has a soft heart that keeps Olaf alive. As the trailer of Frozen 2 released, fans can’t wait to see their new adventure. Now dress up the Frozen 2 Elsa cosplay costume and explore the source of the ice magic!

    The movie Maleficent Mistress of Evil is being shown now. Again we see the evil fairy Maleficent and the beautiful princess (became the queen later) Aurora. I saw the film last weekend. Despite the disgusting plot, Maleficent’s awesome appearance really impresses me, especially her black gown at the royal banquet and black phoenix outlook. I bet the Maleficent cosplay costume in Maleficent 2 will be the most popular Halloween costume.

  • A Guide Of Harley Quinn Cosplay Costume In Birds Of Prey


    Birds Of Prey is an upcoming American superhero movie. For a long time, Harley Quinn was originally a psychiatrist also Joker’s aid and she fell for the Joker. But since the events of Suicide Squad, she finally got free of the Joker. Birds of Prey follows Harley Quinn as she joins forces with Black Canary, the Huntress, and Renee Montoya to save Cassandra Cain from Gotham City crime lord Black Mask.
    One of the most exciting things of the movie Birds of Prey is that the gorgeous Harley Quinn wears incredibly the latest costume which is available in HQCOSPLAY online store. Beyond looking amazing on stars Margot Robbie, Harley Quinn's golden vibe pants costume is also pretty attracting, the same to girls who want to be as deadly as ever in a Harley Quinn costume.
    Here starts the list of apparels you will need to make an impressionable Harley Quinn cosplay costume from the upcoming movie Birds of Prey.

    Bib Pants
    These eye-catching golden bib pants give Harley Quinn a new look, apart from red and blue themes before. Maybe it’s a sign of Harley Quinn’s new life and adventure in the new movie Birds of Prey. Anyway, these pants are made of satin weave fabric with diamond patterns, just like the original costume that will make you stand out from the crowd of cosplay party. The pants feature high-quality metal buckles on the shoulders and shiny zip closure that goes up the whole length of the front and separates the big front pocket into two equal parts. These functional pockets provide you useful help. For the pants part, it is designed in the fit style and stitched with thick plates as knee-guards, keeping original looking in details.
    Harley Quinn wears a shocking pink short vest, short to the breast. This vest breathable cotton fabric, imitating a gym vest style. It provides comfort for you that you will enjoy your cosplaying all day long. The vest is not just wonderful for Harley Quinn cosplay costume, with quality material and nice sewing, but even can be worn in daily life.
    Under the bib pants, they’re rarely shown though, the denim fabric made shorts go up with the vest in a hot style. Dark lines and red stars patterns are inspired by the American flag. They stay original elements of Harley Quinn costume.
    Matching with the bib pants, the ankle low heel shoes are all covered with diamond patterns. With the soft inner lining, you will feel comfortable while walking. They make you look professional in the Harley Quinn costume.
    The necklace keeps the original looking with exclusively handcrafted by skillful workmanship. It’s so lovely and not just perfectly suit for Harley Quinn costume, but also can co-ordinate with your daily attire.
    By wearing this trendy and stylish costume, you will simply reflect your admiration for smart Harley Quinn. So shop the Birds of Prey Harley Quinn cosplay costume at hqcosplay.com now! The exquisite material and craftsmanship on it can make you appear more unique.

  • A Guide Of White Canary Cosplay Costume From Legends Of Tomorrow


    Legends of Tomorrow is an American superhero television series, based on the characters of DC Comics, airs on The CW and is a spin-off featuring characters introduced in Arrow and The Flash along with new characters, banded together to tackle the sort of villainy that requires team banter. As Legends of Tomorrow series continually on screen, the costumes of the series keep popular.
    Sara Lance, also known by her alter-ego White Canary, is the leader of the Legends. Beyond looking amazing on actress Caity Lotz, Sara Lance’s White Canary costume is also pretty functional — especially as far as female superhero costumes go.
    To gather Sara Lance's look in Legends Of Tomorrow, bellow's a costume overview.
    Made from high-quality leather, the overall hue adopt pure white, which can give a refreshing impression. The White Canary costume is both accurate designed and exquisite in details, made according to the original version, great for Sara Lance cosplay in Legends Of Tomorrow. Notice the lack of exposed cleavage and mini skirt, but Sara Lance shows her superhero persona. The details in the seams and button placement are spot on. Skittles matches the all-white suit in everything.
    This belt is based on cotton tape in the color of flax. Two leather holsters is a mix of white and gray with button placement, placed at different sides of the waist. Going up with the jumpsuit, details in accessional leather plates with exquisite seams and decorative spot. The belt fixes the White Canary cosplay costume perfectly with Velcro closure.
    The silver shiny wedge of each long boot forms a magnificent look. The whole vamp is made of pure gray synthetic leather with long zipper closure at the back which provides easiness for dressing. Three leather stripes on each boot with decorative spot, in ascending order of width from bottom to top, go around the calf and end with Velcro closure. The boots will help you increase sexy attractiveness as in this female costume.
    Check this White Canary cosplay costume that is available from hqcosplay.com. All the products are made up of the finest quality material that will keep you comfortable and relaxed all day. We offer the best quality and screen version cosplay costumes as well as accessions such as shoes and gloves.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok Cosplay Costume In Vikings Guide


    In the History Channel’s hit TV series Vikings, Ragnar Lothbrok is a Viking warlord and husband to the Shield Maiden Lagertha. He was just a normal farmer until he became tired of the chieftain's restrictive policies and opposed him. From his shaven head to the battle-ax he carries says that he is a tough nut to crack, which makes for a badass costume for your next cosplay event or Halloween party.
    Learn how to dress like Ragnar Lothbrok for cosplay and Halloween with our costume guide. Let us analyze the Ragnar Lothbrok king’s outfits and see what is needed.

    Cloak with fur collar
    It’s a stereotype of king’s costumes that can’t be missed. Made of satin, this double layer cloak is black outside while its inner lining is yellow. The cloak along with a brown fur collar shows magnificence and splendor as king’s outfit and provides warmth when you in Ragnar Lothbrok cosplay costume on Halloween.
    As a warlord, Ragnar Lothbrok must dress in chain mail, usually a vest. This Ragnar Lothbrok cosplay vest uses hi-tech printing technology, which provides a realistic and three-dimensional effect. It just looks like a chain mail but much lighter in weight. An eagle embroidery on the vest places at the center of the chest as shown in the TV series Vikings.
    Underneath the vest, Ragnar Lothbrok wears a short sleeve attire. The upper part is made of metallic gray linen with exquisite brown stitched seams. At the bottom, dark blue denim forms a vest with a skirt and edged with three brown stitched seams.
    Underwear & Wristguards
    It’s a simple brown zipper shirt but does play an important role in the Ragnar Lothbrok cosplay costume. With a breathable fabric and finely tailored, it is not just suited for cosplaying, but also can be used on various occasions even in daily life. As a warrior, Ragnar Lothbrok needs wrist guards to protect him as well as form a tough look.
    Pants & Belt
    This Ragnar Lothbrok costume pants use light brown suede fabric and have serrated stitched seams at the front. These fit pants offer you an added elegant appearance and they’re stylish for your daily attire. The black leather belt with a shiny buckle ties a beautiful knot around the waist beneath the denim apron and the end of the belt drops down at the front.
    Boots & Leg straps
    Ragnar wears a pair of boots commonly used by Vikings with intricate patterns. These knee-high boots are made of dark brown semi-glossy leather. They have no other decorates but they’re fashionable that you can dress them on various events. To finish the Ragnar Lothbrok look, strips are used to tie on the ankles of the boots.
    You'll have a screen replica look when you pick out this Ragnar Lothbrok cosplay costume on hqcosplay.com. Believe it or not, you will certainly attract everyone’s attention in this lifelike Ragnar Lothbrok cosplay costume.

  • A Guide To Cosplay As Homelander In The Boys Season 1


    Homelander is the secondary antagonist of the highly controversial adult comic-book series. The Boys, like most of the superheroes in his universe, he is a dark-as-mud parody of more popular superheroes such as Superman and Captain America but deconstructed into a twisted protagonist villain. If you are getting tired of those old-fashioned and righteous superheroes costume, I strongly suggest you choose this The Boys Season 1 the Homelander cosplay costume.
    The whole costume consists of jumpsuit, cloak, belt, arm guard, gloves and boots. This excellent The Boys Season 1 the Homelander cosplay costume is perfect for a Halloween party and will make you shining on parties.
    Let us analyze the Homelander outfits and bellow’s a guide.

    The full length and full coverage spandex jumpsuit is completed with sculpted pecs, elbow padding, and quality stitched seams. The jumpsuit has a red stand collar printed with full of yellow standing eagle patterns. Also, another type of flying blue eagle pattern is printed all over the body. The double-layer chest features with stars printing inner lining and edged with red lining, fastening inside with Velcro. Made from EVA material, the eagle shape ornamental shoulders use hi-tech mold technology, which provides a realistic and true-to-life three-dimensional effect. With all these amazing details, the suit makes you professional in Homelander cosplay costume.
    The Homelander jumpsuit is topped with the distinctive and detachable red white and blue three-quarter length cloak. Homelander’s cloak is inspired directly by the American flag, almost seeming that Homelander wears the flag. The blue-white stars part is shaped like a bib at the back and the red white striped flag comes down to the shins. This cloak definitely helps you attract all attention to Halloween party.
    The full-length red boots are an extra option but they truly enhance the overall look of the Homelander costume. The boots feature a pointing top at the front, decorated with double gold strips and a silica gel eagle badge on each boot. Using high quality elastic artificial leather, the boots form a top grade and fashionable look. With long zipper closure at the back, the boots are easy to wear and provide you wonderful experience of cosplaying in Homelander costume.
    Accessories are always a must and a pair of glossy and stretchable leather gloves are always contained. Homelander wears full finger red gloves along with wrist guards. The gloves have no special design but just squared slice on the surface and the wrist guards are printed the same patterns as the jumpsuit’s collar with Velcro closure. They are not just perfectly suit for Homelander cosplay costume, but also keep your hands warm on Halloween. Besides the gloves and guards, a gold belt is needed. It’s made of gold leatherette. The embellishment on the belt is the same silica gel eagle badge that on boots.
    Prepare for fighting with the really bad guy in our Homelander cosplay costume on hqcosplay.com. We do provide various high-quality cosplay costumes with very fast shipping and inexpensive prices.

  • Dress Professional Gamora Cosplay Costume In Guardians Of The Galaxy 2


    Gamora is the green-skinned alien heroine from Guardians of the Galaxy and has a close relationship with Star Lord. She is portrayed to have supernatural powers such as superhuman strength in addition to being able to heal at an accelerated rate. She is an orphan and the last survivor of an alien world whose entire race was destroyed in a deadly attack to bring the balance around the universe by Thanos. Gamora is a beautiful lady with shiny green skin and purple ombré hair. Inspired by her unique but awesome look, a lot of people like this girl and cosplaying as she becomes a hot trendy of Halloween and comic con.
    Just like every superhero, Gamora has unique costumes. The most famous and classic costume properly is the one in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. It does help Gamora leave a deep impression on the audience. Lots of girls like to wear Gamora cosplay costumes for being such a tough and cool girl.
    To gather Gamora's look in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, visit hqcosplay.com and bellow's a costume overview.
    Gamora is a waif-thinn woman with long purple ombré hair often kept loose. In Guardians of the Galaxy 2, she wears a long coat which is a mix of black and dark brown leather with shawl collar and black buckles closure, but kept opening front. Two light brown leather pieces are added to each long sleeve which Gamora usually rolls up to near her elbow. This coat is made of top quality PU leather and finely tailored to flattering fitted style. It keeps the movie costume design in detail. You will attract all attention to Halloween parties in this Gamora cosplay costume.
    Vest & Undershirt
    The vest is made of pure black PU leather and features decorative rivets and stand collar, imitating a punk style. The fitted and cool vest associating with the coat will make you perfect on your Halloween parties. A white sleeveless shirt is needed. Underneath the vest, the shirt provides extra warmth and comfort while you wear the Gamora cosplay costumes.
    Pants & Belts
    Gamora wears black pants which match with the vest. The pants are made of a mix of cotton knitted and spandex leather, providing comfort and ease to wear. Combining with the black leather belt which is decorated with square rivets, the pants of Gamora cosplay costume gain a sense of motorcycle style. Adding a complex waist belt with a knife holster which is fixed on the left leg by a leather band, you will look awesome in the Gamora cosplay costume.
    To improve the Gamora look, add black boots that appear like wedge shoes. The boots should almost be up to the height of the knees and have leather straps that will be used to fasten the boots to the legs. Also, more decorative straps are on the boots for a cool look.
    Wristbands & Gloves
    Gamora wears a pair of black leather wrist guards which ties up with leather bands. Like many heroines, she also wears a pair of fingerless gloves which are pure white. These accessories finalize the Gamora cosplay costume and help you dress more professional.

  • Guide To Cosplay Scarlet Witch More Professional In Captain America: Civil War


    Wanda Maximoff is a teen imbued with alien DNA by a mad scientist to create super-powered humans to ward off advanced AI and superheroes in the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron. Wanda is excellent at combat and has mind-linked powers such as telekinesis, energy manipulation, and telepathy. That makes her called Scarlet Witch. But in Captain America: Civil War, she became a member of the Avengers and joined Captain America team in a division of Iron Man team. The Scarlet Witch is ready to do anything and everything for the people she cares about and all this ultimately makes her a super awesome character.
    In our cosplay guide, we will provide all the items you need to create an MCU replica version of the Scarlet Witch costume for your next Halloween parties or comic cons.
    Wanda is a waif-thin woman with long auburn curly hair often kept loose. In Captain America: Civil War she wears a long leather coat with a high roll collar and opening front. Among several Scarlet Witch images, this coat is one of the most famous and classic Scarlet Witch costumes. Made up of quality washed leather which provides a shining and cool look, this amazing coat also has inner faux leather flannelette lining for extra warmth and comfort. The stitched detailing around the waist creates a highly flattering fitted look. The beautiful hot red color makes it a fashion statement. The shining zipper is designed on each cuff, forming the Scarlet Witch cosplay costume a cool and fashionable look.
    With the thread lacing along the whole length of the front, the vest features a decorative rivet and pointing bottom, imitating a corset style. Underneath the thread, a black zipper makes sure for no reveal. To match with the coat, the vest uses the same material with finely tailored. The fitted vest will make you leave a deep impression on everyone on your Halloween parties while wearing the Scarlet Witch cosplay costume.
    Leather Pants
    The pants are made of a glossy polyurethane leather in a contrasting black. They are form-fitting and full length with spandex material and you don’t need to worry about the size nor movability. The pants are not just wonderful for Scarlet Witch cosplay costume, but you can additionally use it for other characters cosplay costume. With quality material and nice sewing, you even can wear it in daily life.
    Shoe Covers
    Scarlet Witch is always ready for battle and this means that she wears black leather combat boots. As shown in the movie America: Civil War, the boots are knee-high and decorated with many belts, the top, the ankle and full of the vamp. When you buy shoes online, you may be frequently bordered by wrong size and unfitness. So why not try shoe covers? They keep the original looking, combining with your fitted shoes and you will be perfect in Scarlet Witch cosplay costume.
    To finish off, finger-less gloves with an open back panel and buckle detailing. You are sure to look spellbinding. Using the same material of the coat, they match with the coat so well that you will not be able to differentiate between the original costume and yours.
    Now it’s time to fight against the guys who’s once companions though. Hold your faith and be brave. You can find the original Scarlet Witch cosplay costume on hqcosplay.com. We do provide various high-quality cosplay costumes with very fast shipping and inexpensive prices.

  • How To Dress Like Oliver Queen In Green Arrow Season 8


    Making his Golden Age comic debut in a 1941 issue of More Fun Comics, Green Arrow immediately became one of DC Comics’ most popular superheroes, alongside Batman and Superman. First appearing in DC Comics in 1941, this character has been made recently popular by the TV show. Arrow is a green-clad archer who is the hero of the fictional Star City. His real name is Oliver Queen and he is a billionaire businessmen and owner of Queen Industries. Commonly associated with the visage of Robin Hood, cosplaying as this character is becoming more and more popular in recent years.
    As Green Arrow Season 8, also the last season of this series, the release date is coming soon, this character is the best choice of cosplaying on Halloween or costume parties.
    Let us analyze the Green Arrow outfits and see what is needed.
    The hooded coat is made from a mixture of quality PU leather to shine and style along with the black stretch knit that provides comfort while wearing. The high quality and trendy design ensure that you can wear this stylish coat for the years to come. Long zipper closure at the front of the chest goes all the length up to the stand collar. The Green Arrow cosplay coat is accurately made as shown on the TV that will make you attract all attention to comic-con or Halloween parties.
    The pants will blend perfectly with the coat as they are produced with PU leather with added black knit. A unique design of fishbone shape leather stitched behind the knee forms an original version and looks fashionable. These fit pants have a zipper and a button at the front without an elastic waist, but with complete sizes to choose, you can buy the Green Arrow cosplay costume that perfectly fits you. Combining with the leggings which have arrow-shaped pleats, you will look more professional in Green Arrow cosplay costume.
    Apart from the costume, the leather gloves are used to protect hands, wrists from cuts, chemical spillages and hold arrows. Good quality leather gloves also help in the cold environment. An archer needs to take good care of his hands and keeps them warm. They play an important role in the Green Arrow cosplay costume and you have to get one.
    Green Arrow wears a pair of black short boots with strip closure at the front. There’s a piece of dark green leather around the top of each boot with Velcro closure, matched with the pants. The boots will add a complement to your everyday walk and also make a cool Green Arrow Halloween Costume.
    How could an archer have no quiver? Take this leather quiver to complete your Green Arrow cosplay costume. Using high-quality composite leather, the quiver is also finely tailored in detail. It forms the right size with an arrow shape leather on the surface.
    If you have no idea where to buy this original look Green Arrow cosplay costume, you can check in hqcosplay.com. This elegant attire is gracefully designed and made with perfection. The accurate detailing will surprise you. We offer all the exact features that are based on the real one.

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