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Ragnar Lothbrok Cosplay Costume In Vikings Guide


In the History Channel’s hit TV series Vikings, Ragnar Lothbrok is a Viking warlord and husband to the Shield Maiden Lagertha. He was just a normal farmer until he became tired of the chieftain's restrictive policies and opposed him. From his shaven head to the battle-ax he carries says that he is a tough nut to crack, which makes for a badass costume for your next cosplay event or Halloween party.
Learn how to dress like Ragnar Lothbrok for cosplay and Halloween with our costume guide. Let us analyze the Ragnar Lothbrok king’s outfits and see what is needed.

Cloak with fur collar
It’s a stereotype of king’s costumes that can’t be missed. Made of satin, this double layer cloak is black outside while its inner lining is yellow. The cloak along with a brown fur collar shows magnificence and splendor as king’s outfit and provides warmth when you in Ragnar Lothbrok cosplay costume on Halloween.
As a warlord, Ragnar Lothbrok must dress in chain mail, usually a vest. This Ragnar Lothbrok cosplay vest uses hi-tech printing technology, which provides a realistic and three-dimensional effect. It just looks like a chain mail but much lighter in weight. An eagle embroidery on the vest places at the center of the chest as shown in the TV series Vikings.
Underneath the vest, Ragnar Lothbrok wears a short sleeve attire. The upper part is made of metallic gray linen with exquisite brown stitched seams. At the bottom, dark blue denim forms a vest with a skirt and edged with three brown stitched seams.
Underwear & Wristguards
It’s a simple brown zipper shirt but does play an important role in the Ragnar Lothbrok cosplay costume. With a breathable fabric and finely tailored, it is not just suited for cosplaying, but also can be used on various occasions even in daily life. As a warrior, Ragnar Lothbrok needs wrist guards to protect him as well as form a tough look.
Pants & Belt
This Ragnar Lothbrok costume pants use light brown suede fabric and have serrated stitched seams at the front. These fit pants offer you an added elegant appearance and they’re stylish for your daily attire. The black leather belt with a shiny buckle ties a beautiful knot around the waist beneath the denim apron and the end of the belt drops down at the front.
Boots & Leg straps
Ragnar wears a pair of boots commonly used by Vikings with intricate patterns. These knee-high boots are made of dark brown semi-glossy leather. They have no other decorates but they’re fashionable that you can dress them on various events. To finish the Ragnar Lothbrok look, strips are used to tie on the ankles of the boots.
You'll have a screen replica look when you pick out this Ragnar Lothbrok cosplay costume on hqcosplay.com. Believe it or not, you will certainly attract everyone’s attention in this lifelike Ragnar Lothbrok cosplay costume.

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